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  • hey my IGN is Brian Oblivion. I bid on two tower Sheila's. I'll be on tomorrow and this weekend. What time are you usually on?

    • Hey i'm usually online in the evening around 9pm GMT

    • hey sorry I've been busy irl maybe we can set up a time to meet this week?

  • Hi, you bid for a zodiac scepter (8e). it is yours :) IGN Cecilia Chaosblume

  • OU QU'IL EST ? :-(

  • Hey, thanks a lot for your PC from yesterday on my shield! :) (thanking you privately as to avoid bumping my post)

  • Hey! i have a triple prof Earth Wand q9 (19 Air/19 Fire) if you are interested. IGN I God Of Shadow

  • Hi you have won Q11 Staff 1 Hale Earth Staff of Defense Req 11 Earth Magic- C/o 60e Oldschool Cool. PLease pm me in game- Tamara Ray

    • Great, my IGN : Je Suis Ici

      I will try to catch you ingame

  • Hello I dropped a triple attribute 20/20 wand for you to look at. IGN: Go Nadds

  • prenerf fast casting rune = 25e

    I'm online now friend

    ign Alexander Masticus

  • Hey i have a triple prof cockatrice and celestial staff if you're interested. Whats your ign?

  • I would have 2 pre nerf runes Ritualist And Nec +2 -50 hp ign Dark Strecky

  • do you want a q7 ar15 white aegis? Only asking because you took the q6 ar14 SotW a while back

    • hey, sorry for the late response

      I'm interested in this one too, I will contact you in game.


  • Hey, what's your IGN for the rose focus?

  • im online now if you got time to drop off the runic and oni daggers- IGN is Alexa Jaide

  • hi there. can you mssg me your IGN so i can add you for the purgatory items? ill probably be on tomorrow late night (10pm eastern time) and off and on all day monday and tuesday. thanks!