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  • apparently u are active on legacy, dunno why i can't meet u ingame

  • 20e for that aegis sounds good for me so i can buy some lp for my chestruns...

  • Thanks for the info on the forgotten fan pre nerf, took a look at your green pre nerf items, I ended up having the wayward wand, korvalds chakram, and the forgotten fan. Let me know if you know someone interested, thanks again

  • so far this is the list of greens that were vetted by Je suis ici:

    strongroots shelter x2

    galigords rod x3

    flints artifact x2

    the shadestone x2

    razortongues recurve bow

    the soulstone x2

    the brimstone

    snapjaws powerstone

    siska's staff

    gorrel's staff x2

    flint's fleshcleaver x2

    wing's axe

    gorrel's cane x2

    ghial's staff x5

    wenslaus's faith

    koles torment x2

    illyana's staff x2

    jayne's staff

    the stonereaper

    garboks chalice

    rago's flame wand

    milthurans staff

    bazzr's wail

    the scar eater

    runar's brimstone staff

    orosen's staff

    brimstone wand

    baubao's shell

    merki's gaze

    vokur's cane x2

    zarnas' wrath x2

    Korvald's chakram

    • please add

      spiritgarden's repose

      bortaks bone cesta

      brohn's holy rod

      kaolin accursed staff

  • Thank you, it’s the first inscribable one I have come across since I have been back, figure I would just get a read in it, thanks for the info

  • Hey, I saw on a post that ur bidding on an outcast ogres shield. i also have one ive been looking to sell. its a q9/q10 (i forgot which req) -2we +10 ogres outcast. lmk if ur interested.

  • hey my IGN is Brian Oblivion. I bid on two tower Sheila's. I'll be on tomorrow and this weekend. What time are you usually on?

    • Hey i'm usually online in the evening around 9pm GMT

    • hey sorry I've been busy irl maybe we can set up a time to meet this week?

  • Hi, you bid for a zodiac scepter (8e). it is yours :) IGN Cecilia Chaosblume

  • OU QU'IL EST ? :(

  • Hey, thanks a lot for your PC from yesterday on my shield! :) (thanking you privately as to avoid bumping my post)

  • Hey! i have a triple prof Earth Wand q9 (19 Air/19 Fire) if you are interested. IGN I God Of Shadow

  • Hi you have won Q11 Staff 1 Hale Earth Staff of Defense Req 11 Earth Magic- C/o 60e Oldschool Cool. PLease pm me in game- Tamara Ray

    • Great, my IGN : Je Suis Ici

      I will try to catch you ingame

  • Hello I dropped a triple attribute 20/20 wand for you to look at. IGN: Go Nadds

  • prenerf fast casting rune = 25e

    I'm online now friend

    ign Alexander Masticus

  • Hey i have a triple prof cockatrice and celestial staff if you're interested. Whats your ign?

  • I would have 2 pre nerf runes Ritualist And Nec +2 -50 hp ign Dark Strecky

  • do you want a q7 ar15 white aegis? Only asking because you took the q6 ar14 SotW a while back

    • hey, sorry for the late response

      I'm interested in this one too, I will contact you in game.


  • Hey, what's your IGN for the rose focus?

  • im online now if you got time to drop off the runic and oni daggers- IGN is Alexa Jaide

  • hi there. can you mssg me your IGN so i can add you for the purgatory items? ill probably be on tomorrow late night (10pm eastern time) and off and on all day monday and tuesday. thanks!