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    Nice guide, let's hope a mod see it and decide to pin it. :thumbup:

    A few remarks :

    > Some of the prof specific staves are somewhat valuable and should be saved from the merch when they are q9 20/20. It's the case for the "rarer version" of the skins :
    Jeweled staff (Metal) -> Jeweled staff (Twin serpent) // Air Staff (Core) -> Air Staff (Spire) // Earth Staff (core) -> Earth Staff (Crystallized). From some of my chest run data the rarer version drops 3 times less often than the common version.

    > Seems the celestial staff (multiprof staff from faction) is missing from the list. Some of the other profession specific-staves are also missing but maybe that's because some of the images seems to be bugged.

    >Maybe you went over the multi-prof wands a bit too fast. The fact that they can roll HSR/HCT from any profession makes them valuable even if they have slightly subpar stats.

    For example a Jellyfish wand Q9 domi : 10% HSR / 10% HCT will definitively find a buyer. A Jade wand Q9 Fire 20% HSR fire 10% HCT doesn't have a perfect matching stats but will also bring some decent interest.


    Disclaimer: This does not include the "profession" wands/foci too. Even if they too cannot roll outside of their main profession attributes, having both of the mods on a wand roll into the same attribute is rare enough and will have some interest.

    I hope this then makes you realize how insanely rare it is for a wand/focus that is not a profession specific skin to have both mods roll into the same attribute.

    To be a bit more specific the multi-prof focus (Plagueborn focus, paper fan, jug, straw effigy) can only drop with HSR/HCT or +1/20% linked to their profession.
    Ofc that doesn't change the fact that one of those focus with matching HSR/HCT will still be insanely rare and insanely valuable.

    The 25 attachment limit is only for the image hosted on Legacy. You can include image hosted elsewhere (like on the wiki or on some external hosting site like imgur).

    Go on the site that host the image, right click -> Open picture in a new tab and copy the direct link to the image. Then in your legacy post click Image and past the link you copied earlier.

    Example, the picture of Nicholas the traveler from the wiki :


    how is that about the percentage: is it across all green staves that for any given individual greenie 5% are pre stat but post color? or is there specific ones that have such versions and that is 5% of the available green staves? I took it as the former but wanted to clarify ;)

    Yep I could have been more specific on that point.

    All the greens from Proph and Fact were affected by the color update. The green dropped before the update remained unchanged and the green that dropped after the update are using the "new dye system". The greens that were undyed/using the default color don't show any in game difference pre/post update, but all the other show some difference (usually prenerf is lighter and post nerf is darker).

    All the green staves from Proph and Fact (except for the 2 low-level one already listed) were affected by the HSR update. The green dropped after the update are using the new global HSR but this update was also retroactive and it changed all the existing green staves. The side effect of that retroactive update is that the staves modded wrap->head got "bugged" and their mod order was changed to head->wrap.

    For the green staves that use a non-default color and were modded wrap->head there are 3 version :

    - Current version (new color, usual mod order)

    - Usual prenerf version (old color, "bugged" mod order). It's the main version that we find around 90/95% of the time.

    - Rare prenerf version (new color, "bugged" mod order). It's the rare version that we find around 5/10% of the time.

    Things to check:

    green item nerfs

    *The prenerf greens

    First thing first the prenerf greens aren't a unified category, they result from many different updates along the years. There are 3 big categories:

    1) Some greens were updated and all the existing one were retroactively changed : Rockmolder, Shiro Blade, Hassin's Shell etc.. As they don’t exist anymore, there is not really any point in listing the updates. For the people interested you can find the full list in the thread dedicated to the PN greens.

    2) Some greens were the subject of individual updates and their prenerf version are still in the game :

    - Wroth Holy Rod : already listed nothing to add here

    - The Wayward wands : they were updated the 24th April 2008. The combo DF/heal, DF/prot, Domi/inspi Illu/inspi and SP/Resto were removed from the collector and 6 new wands with matching req and HSR were added : Heal, Prot, Inspi, Soul reaping, Fast cast and Energy Storage.

    - Faith. This WoC staff initially dropped without its inherent HSR. It was most likely fixed during the 9 th February 2012 update (undocumented). This update also retroactively corrected another WoC green (Pheonix retribution) and it makes sense that faith was fixed as well. A comment on the wiki discussion page also states: Fixed by the looks of it, at least for new drops. Got one last night without the HSR (which still doesn't have it), and another one today with it.C0Zm1c 10:54, 10 February 2012 (UTC) »

    - Stone herder flat bow. This one isn't really a prenerf but i will still include it here. The bow was added in the game file with all the other SF greens but it was bugged and started dropping only 18 months later, after the June 2007 update

    3) And finally the greens that were affected by the color update and the HSR update :

    The color update : On most of the green from Proph and Factions we can notice some difference in color between the current greens and the old greens. Most of the time the prenerf color is lighter/more vibrant and the current version is darker/duller.

    Our best guess is that update happened during one of the small update preceding NF release. The 22th september 2006 update (NF world Preview event) is a very likely candidate.

    The Staff HSR update : the 25th October 2006 all the existing green staves were updated and changed from a local 20% HSR to a global 20% HSR.

    > Some of the low level staves : Sahan’s Staff and Ziinjuu's Sanctuarywere weren’t affected by the retroactive update (maybe Anet just forgot about them ?), the old staves still exist and still have their local HSR.
    > This update also had another unintentional effect : it changed the mod order of the affected staves. All the staves that were modded : Staff wrap -> Staff head were changed to be modded Staff head -> Staff wrap.

    A note on the order of update :

    The vast majority of prenref staves have both a prenerf color and prenerf stats but a small percentage of them (something like 5% or so) have prenerf stats but are using the current color. This show that the color update happened before the Staff HSR update. The fact this happen on a very small % of staff show that the 2 updates were relatively close in time.
    With our current timeline (color update during the NF preview and HSR update at the NF release) the interval would be about 1 month.

    Are you really sure about earning the gladiator title in the Craig Arena ?

    As far as I remember the title didn't exists at the start of the game and were added later on. The 26th april 2006 update say :



    Players will now be able to earn titles, which can be shown to other players. Use the Titles tab in the Hero panel to select a title for display. Only titles toward which you have made any progress will appear in the list.

    Titles apply to a single character or a whole account, as appropriate. A player can display only one title at a time but may earn any number of titles. Many titles have multiple levels, with each new level indicating an increasingly difficult level of achievement.

    Sample Titles:

    • Canthan Explorer. You must explore 60% of Cantha to earn the first level of this title. (Character based.)
    • Skill Hunter. You must capture 90 Elite skills to earn the first level of this title. (Character based.)
    • Gladiator. You must have 25 win-streaks of 10 consecutive wins in the Random Arenas maps to earn the first level title. (Account based.)
    • Champion. You must win 50 high-rated GvG battles to earn the first level of title. (Account based.)

    Also : I think the addition of the title could be added in the major content update imo


    he items added with content updates I wouldn't list - else I'd have to make a list of some hundred items for factions and the likes. I'd guess it is obvious from the relevant wiki entries which items/bosses etc were added with them - in case someone is unsure or want to read up.

    Obviously, and I trust you judgement on that one. :thumbup:


    do you know what happened to those who had accessed the arena outposts and cartographed the arena maps? I think they can still acces the outposts and the map is still revealed (both for the outpost and the arena map) most of them being inaccessible and hence not cartographable - correct?

    As far as I know when the outpost was removed everybody that was inside was moved and absolutely nobody can travel to it anymore. I know that I had access to it on my oldest character, maybe not the very old individual outpost but at least the competition arena and I definitively can't access it nowadays. Maybe some people who have account even older can also contribute but I don't thing it's accessible to anyone.

    For the cartography part, well it's some extra % for them but Prophecies is notorious for having a lot of leeway in the cartography so at the end of the day some 0,1% aren't a big deal.


    2005 May 11th new system to arena access - exploration of the arena maps no longer possible

    To add a bit more info on that one. Before the update, there were no map rotation and each PvP arena was linked to a specific outpost.
    The Ascalon/Shiverpeak outpost and their associated arenas are still unchanged nowadays.
    The Fort Koga oupost, the Amnoon Area oupost, the d'Alesio Arena outpost and the outpost linked with the Craig Arena were all made unaccessible and everything was centralised in the Competitive Arena (4v4 random) near LA and the Team Arena (4v4 team) near Droknar. Then 6 months later those outposts were closed and replaced by the battle Isles (19 January 2006 update)

    Before I start digging in the prenerf green let's get a few easy one out of the way :

    > In the Major Content update category I would definitively include the addition of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings (ToPK) elite area in the 19 January 2006 update. This update also created the Battle Isles (Isle of the Nameless, GToB, RA/HA outpost, Zaishen challenge etc...) and closed the high level Prophecies PvP outpost : the team Arena accessible from Droknar Forge and the Competition Arena accessible from Lion Arch. Also note that 15 new greens are linked to the addition of the ToPK bosses.

    > In the Minor Content update category I would include the addition of Kepkhet Marrowfeast in the 2nd March 2006 update, this update also added the boss associated green : Kepkhet's Refuge. If you don't consider Kepkhet to be big enough to be included in the Minor content update, at least its green should be included in the Individual Item Update.

    > Also in the Minor Content update : the addition the "Droknar's Forge (explorable area)", as the end-game zone of GW prophecies in the 24th April 2008 update. This update included some new dialog, NPC, the Deldrimor Talisman and something like 30 new green items.

    > Some other minor content update maybe worth listing :
    * UW rework the 19th november 2009 : Dhuum added, end chest updated with new items

    * the Titan Quest added in the 7th September 2005 update.
    * the hard mode quests added the 28th April 2011 (Galrath) and the 2th june 2011 (Titan)
    * Embark beach added the 3rd March 2011
    * Maybe add more detail on the 23 April 2009 update : that added Nicholas the traveler (already listed) but also the Zaishen challenge quest and the Zaishen Menagerie

    Great work so far, and I like the new presentation with the different categories.

    A comprehensive list of the content update and precise date when the prenerf item became obtainable/unobtainable has been missing for a long time ! Glad to see someone finally took the time to do it.

    I will try to post some info on the updates relative to the prenerf green, blues and runes and dyes.

    If all those post aren't just an elaborate troll then I can only echo the other responses :
    - Don't trash any old item, even some that may seems worthless (the blue quest rewards, the old greens, old runes, old event items etc...) as they can be interesting/valuable
    - Don't rush, don't sell directly to PM, get a price check and create a WTS thread on legacy


    The issue with the official Wiki is they group the mods together and list Energy +15 instead of Energy +10 / Energy +5, that's why it's not really useful to check the prenerf greens...

    If we follow the general green staff pattern, a prenerf Milefaun should be modded : Energy +5 / Domination +1/20%, and should look like this old screenshot

    (Screenshot from the PN green thread here : Greens )

    In conclusion : the stat order of your staff isn't prenerf. There might be a very small chance that it's color is prenerf and different than the current one. You should get in touch with the main PN green expert ( Unholy ) and i'm sure he will be able to confirm the color in game.


    * Storm artifact = merch/take what ever offer

    * Paper fan : maybe some interest for the dual mod 9/9 hard to say, try putting it for sale

    * Embossed Aegis : merch/take what ever offer

    * Clairvoyant staff : I would just put it on a hero

    * Gothic sword Q9 +5 : usually 10/25e (maybe some more if you caught the interest of a clean value collector)

    * GoTH : not really sure, wait for more opinion

    * Jade sword : 5e hard sale

    * Inscribed chakram : matching but sadly dual 1 off

    * Echovald shield : actually really clean with the +30wE and matching, might get some interest ( Dadan ). Try putting it for sale

    * Plagueborn scepter : merch/take what ever

    * Earth scroll : merch

    Every item get their mods when they are generated, but you can't see them until you have identified the item.

    In that case this voltaic spear is using an elemental damage mod, that why its damage type appears blank. It's not a bug, just a regular game mechanic.

    It's obviously one of those "bugged" insciptible items that don't have an inscription slot. The bug is quite frequent on staff and very rare on all the other weapon type.

    There were some theories to explain them (something about a bugged deathbane mod) but i have no clue if those items are prenerf or still obtainable.

    For the price check ? No clue. It's rare and I don't remember one being for sale on legacy in the last few years.