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  • Hey if you add Sophia swiftshot in-game and post your name on here we can arrange pickup of the staff :)

    • Hi! I've got you added. IGN: Vengeful Was Unholy. I'm on now if you have a minute. Thanks!

    • I'll head on now!

  • Hello Unholy,

    I was able to gain access to my fathers account from some years back and it seems he may have a few greens however I am not sure if they are pre nerf.

    Would you be able to help me check if they are? Would be happy to sell all since I am using the space for material farming.

    IGN : Kimi In The Shadows
    Many Thanks


  • Hey Unholy,

    I was wondering if you could help me check if I have some pre-nerf greens. Since you seem to be the expert in this, I thought I'd contact you directly.

    You can message me directly if you want.

    IGN is German Healing

    • Hi!

      Yeah, sure, happy to help. Haven’t had much time to get on recently but I’ll get you added and try to look for you maybe sometime this weekend. Thanks!

  • Can I PM you, or is the nearest to that..? ?(

  • Hi Unholy,

    I have some greens: some are pre-nerf, and quite a few I'm not sure about.

    I added you in game but haven't seen you.

    Hope we can speak soon.


    • Hello! Thanks, let's check them out. What's your IGN?

  • pm celestal ghost

    im online

  • are u online in game ??? im online i got you q9 2020s staffs x2

  • Hey, I noticed I have a prenerf Ghial's and might have some more. I'd really appreciate it if you had the time to check them out for me (colour ones)

    on an okay amount IGN: Myddraal Rhuarc

    • Yeah sure, I've got you added. Happy to help whenever. Thanks!

    • When are you usually on? I seem to keep missing you.

  • Fan is yours, I am not on as much over the weekend except later in the evening, but if I jump on and see you , I will dm you, and I do have a bow I need you to glance at if you don’t mind, last one, I forgot about it , I actually posted it on here earlier green q6 rotwing recurve bow , old bow ( I see it on your list under until proven differently not pre nerf)

  • Thanks for the info on the forgotten fan, looking through my greens I noticed I have the pre nerf wayward wand and the korvalds chakram, the wayward is easy to notice since it’s a req difference, the chakram is tougher, I am 95% sure it’s a lighter color, any chance you can take a look in game? And would you be able to tell? I am on pretty often, steady heals ign , no worries if not, thanks again

  • Hello! I was told to contact you regarding Paper Fans/Paper Lanterns. Either one of those (though, preferably, a fan) as 20/20 Fire Magic have been my dream item for nigh a decade, but was only recently made aware of Legacy.
    I was wondering if you had one of these items that you would be willing to part with, or know someone that has and would.
    Thanks for your time!

    • Hey there!

      I don't collect paper fans, only lanterns. I have quite a few, relatively speaking, including a q7 gold, but none are 20/20. Lanterns also hold significant sentimental value for me and as such none are for sale I'm afraid. Good luck with your search! If by some chance a 20/20 pops up on here, we'll be in for a bid war :)

  • Hey my ign is Lord Mommasta. What time do you think you'll be on and I'll try to hop on then. Not really playing much today but I can get on really quick.

    • Hey man, jumping on now if you're around. Cheers

    • I'm on my way to a computer now. Maybe 15-20min away. Hope I catch you!

  • Hello, let me know what time to sell in your post works for you. Weekdays I play 9-11 pacific time and the weekends I have more flexibility. Thank you.

    • Any of these is fine. I should be on tonight when you are. Cheers :)

  • Hello are you interested in a golden Crenellated sword q11, 15^ench, 300g ?

    • If it's OS yes definitely. Feel free to pm me in game.

      Unholy Briseis

  • what will that cost me?

  • do you still have the r10 Chann CC?