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  • hi! I'll try to pick up the fds tonight, but I work pretty late Wednesday thru Sunday and usually only have mon/Tues to really play for more than a few min. Add me as Alexa Jaide - hope I can catch you in a few hours! I definitely want it tho!

    • i added you as Alyx Seath- i hope thats your IGN as well as legacy name. looks like i missed you tonight- im usually on for a few min around 10pm eastern time US on work nights and on and off during the day mondays and tues. ill try you again tomorrow! thanks!

    • Hi! no problemo, add my main account IGN : Alyx Il Seath

      I will try to be there today

    • added your main acct tonight when i got on but looks like i missed you- off to bed now, but ill try again tomorrow. what time zone are you? no worries if i cant catch you until im off monday tho- just save it for me!

    • I'm on UTC+2 (Europe, France), don't worry i will keep it for you ! We will succeed in crossing each other soon

    • i havent forgotten about you! still looking to catch you online. thanks again for holding it!