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    I think you’re referring to Fallen Seraphim // Hero from Serbia in old GWG.

    Great stories in here. The guy who held onto the axe before it went to Kromp/Kabong logs on from time to time. And I think he still has some of those GG items, including a Q8 20/20 fire staff if I remember correctly.


    Okay, let’s go off topic and have some fun. If someone wants to split this from the original thread, I welcome you.

    Yes, it was Fallen Seraphim, I remember the name now that you mention it. Sorry if I offend anyone, but since I am long inactive now, I feel like I can speak more openly about many things (ask away if you like to hear stories!). I had never really been a fan of the guy, but what happened with the sword kind of made him go down in my “unhonorable people list”. At the time I was planning to take a break from Guild Wars - of uncertain length; it ended up being way shorter than expected at 1.5 months or so. Anyways, since I thought I might be gone for a while, I decided to hoard some nice items. Because that kind of stuff goes up in price over time. Amongst these items where the both uncond long swords and I believe the Spikey Hammer that Kabong is talking about (I’m not a 100% on the timeline with this one, but I will talk about what happened with it later in the post; already reminded Kabong via pm). I also bought some Crystas and req7’s and similar non-sense at that time. Oh, and the - in my opinion - most precious inscriptable item GW has ever produced.

    So Fallen Seraphim had just bought this freshly surfaced req11 uncond long sword for some lowballer price (maybe 300-500e, if at all?). The req9 had been in the market for nearly half a year at that point and failed to sell at 1400e. He was trying to sell the req11, I think at 1000e b/o. And I flatly contacted him, told him I had just bought the req9 one and I want the req11 as well, and I’d pay the b/o. Next time you know he’s bumping up the price. In the whole process he “agreed” to my offers a whole total of 3 times, then always backing off, until we ended up at 1750e. The style of negotiation will make me dislike him forever. I wouldn’t have cared if he started the negotiation with a b/o at 5000e and we would have slowly crept down, but once you agree to a deal, it should be done. I even have some kind of understanding for “second thoughts” that might arise when I offer to pay b/o so quickly (I was after all under a slight time pressure, trying to organize my “wealth” before going on break), but having third and fourth thoughts is not a thing that happens so easily. I’ve led my fair share of hard negotiations in my times before and after (Dirks, eh, Pleikki?), but this just felt foul. I never really warmed up to the sword afterwards and I am not sad about letting it go. Especially since Sara Valentine (aka Vitto369 on guru) was not only what I called a “premium contact” who helped me arrange a lot of great buys and sales, but also a great fellow to talk to in the game.

    The story of the req9 long sword is also interesting. An infamous German, Nico, “Ned Flanders” aka “Nathaly Windborn” had bought it in the third quarter of 2007, presumably to turn a profit on it. I knew Ned, he was the leader of a big German elite PVE/trading guild that I was a member and officer of for a while in mid 2007. Also, he was really big in the German community. And he had a dubious reputation. I don’t have any proof, but it was widely believed that he was an ebay buyer. At the time I was quite known as a power trader in the German community (funnily, to give you some insight, I had just started trading in 2007 - I’m not at all as ancient as it might seem, but it was a stellar lightning career) and since he knew me, he asked me to sell the sword for him. Maybe, there was something fishy about the sword. Maybe it was just that he was unpopular at guru. Maybe he just thought I was talented enough to turn a profit on an item he seemingly overpaid for. In the end, it didn’t sell and went back to his storage. I had a good idea what his lowest price was, so it was easy for me to pick it up when I decided to buy it for myself. I also felt it belonged with me, since it was the first “big attention sale” I had on guru, and I had spent quite a while with it.

    Now to the Spikey Warhammer. Basically just a Warhammer req7 15/50, no big deal. Bought it from a guy called Toilet Monster by outbidding Kabong in a guru auction for I believe 550-600e. Which was a tone of money at the time for a hammer - so it makes sense that this was in my “hoarding/investment craze”-phase. I sold it later to a guy called Marseilles Walles whom some may remember - and some might not - for 750e without public offering. He might be a bit of a controversial figure.…rce=share&utm_medium=mweb

    This is was google search brought up for me. It sounds like prime Walles to me. Just weird he hasn’t grown up much since then. :D

    This guy is a bloody legend in my eyes. And I understand if people hate him and disagree with me. Just to give you an idea, this is how the deal with the Spikey went down, more or less: Walles contacting me, asking if I have any unique/one of a kind items for sale. Me naming the hammer. Him stating he wants it. Me naming a price of 750e (remember 550-600 was a lot already for the hammer!). Him saying “okay, give it two weeks to farm the ectos”. Two weeks later, he’d contact me and pay. And in the same style I sold many incomparable items to him (req7 -2/45 skeleton shield, tall shield, some dual neg req7 shields, req7 -2/30 spiked targe, req7 15/50 war axe, req7 5nrg dadao, req7 15/-5 crenellated, req9 dual vamp crystalline, to name a few). The geezer had the most GWAMM’s among all players I knew, the most titles on his main character among anyone I knew, and a great way of doing business. Amazing knowledge of Guild Wars PVE. I don’t know if he botted back then or exploited - there was always this little suspicion there - and he was a massive troll and what some people might call an “unbearable person”, but we had a great personal and business relationship. He customized the Hammer (I think the trade included the 10g as was custom among us. Small service from me so he didn’t have to run to his Xunlai Chest. ;) ) and that’s its story.

    Edit: More stories, since I love that kind of stuff and I received a pm with a question. Please feel free to ask more things in the thread and I will happily tell more stories! :angel:

    So I forgot to talk about the “most precious inscribable item in the game” (in my opinion). It was a req8 str. Gloom Shield which I bought for 200e in a big Guru sale. I am convinced that this must have dropped shortly after EotN release when drop tables were strange (there were multiple weird things going on then; for example I know about a purple inscriptable crystalline sword which might be a competitor to the Gloom Shield for “most precious inscribable item”). It was the accompanying shield to the req9 14% unconditional long sword for quite a while; until I decided to actually leave Guild Wars in early 2009 (this meant transforming everything that could be sold to ectos, giving presents to some lucky people - and then, I can admit this nowadays in the open, since my account is long history and I was a poor student, transforming those ectos into booze and a nice lifestyle for a while; I admitted to this in private whenever asked, but never openly, but why not: I cashed out decently, and I know others who have as well). Of course, this wasn’t the final chapter as I came back from scratch one a half years later, but that’s another story.

    Among the lucky people who got some gifts there was the following story: in my quitting sale, I sold some generic cantha req8 caster sword (I think Jitte or Katana) to a guru user whom I was friendly with and who collected these weapons (it was not Aris; instead some guy from the Netherlands who was into cars. I forgot his name sadly.) He told me excitingly that he now had every canthan skin apart from the dusk blade. I knew who had a Q8 5nrg Dusk Blade: Eir Of Asgard (this guy is a whole additional story, tons of things to talk about here). He had a massive collection of req8 items, trying to get every skin possible. I happened to own two very valuable items whose skins he was still missing. At first I had planned to give them to him for free, but now instead I asked for the dusk blade as a small favor in return (which in my opinion was a great deal for him; I still don’t understand why req8 dusk blades are considered to be so rare, I’ve seen multiple req7 ones even). One of the two items I gave him, you might have guessed, was the req8 Gloom Shield. The other one was a req8 tac -3/30 echovald. When I made a return to GW later I actually tried to convince him with heaps of ectos to give that gloom shield back to its daddy. Luckily he resisted, and I hope it still resides with him. Fun fact: he was actually slightly pissed at me and thought I ripped him off with this trade since he had trouble finding another dusk blade. ^^

    Edit 2: I was going through some old guru posts, and my memory isn’t perfect: the dusk blade was req8 15/50, not 5nrg. Same for the rest of that guy’s collection. His name was Sirenia X.

    ...but where is the r7 15/50 spikey warham?? That's what the people rly care about 🤣

    Maybe I should do an AMA? I know the answer to your question, but I am a) afraid people/you might not like it and b) afraid we will go off-topic here. :angel:

    Full story of Teh Axe posted here for anyone interested.

    Tode, I believe you're thinking of Jason XII, a good friend and one of my earliest officers.

    Yes, it was Jason! I think we used to be friends (as I was with many of the greats back in the day) and then fell out because of some silly story - trolling each other for some IRL stuff I had found on his Facebook or so? I don’t remember if we ever made peace over that, sadly. And I also didn’t know The Axe moved on after this. Would love to know which person owned it before you. At least it’s in fine hands now.

    The other 3 unconditionals that were on the market in these years where a req9 14% long sword - which I bought in spring 2008 for 1400e and customized (it actually took me over half a year to decide on buying that sword), a req11 14% long sword which I bought the same week as the req9 one for 1750e from Greedy Nephilim from Serbia (don’t remember his actual name) and the req10 13% long bow from the screen shot. I bought that one in 2010 from a gwg guru user called Hi!, and I believe I paid 1500e and a henchman tonic for that - one of the more popular ones that was evaluated at 3000-4000e at the time, I don’t remember which one though. I had actually sold the req11 long sword in summer 2008 for a mere 1000e to Sara Valentine (who custo’d it) because I desperately needed funds for an extremely stupid trade - buying a Mini Polar Bear from Tiara Schutz for around 7000e at the time. The rarest Mini in the game for 4-5 months to come...

    About the Kilroy quest side topic: this quest should still be around (it still was in 2010 and I don’t see why anet would fix it) and I got some purple crystallines and dwarven axes there. I also remember I showed this run to some people, but sadly don’t remember their names... so I’m not sure if the people in this thread were among them ;)

    Hello guys,

    I sometimes (like once a year or so) google my old nick name in connection with guild wars and so came upon this thread. If I remember to do so, I will look for some old screen shots on my computer tomorrow. Also, always happy to answer any questions whose answer I recall (can tell some rough stories/prices on the 3 unconditional weapons I actually traded between 2008-2010, which, as far as I know, were all unconditionals that traded in that time span apart from the req8 15% double bladed axe which traded from Spil to... forgot the name, some guy from PhD, somehow remember him as English/Russian)


    Todie 8)

    EDIT: I actually couldn't wait and fired the old machine up. Sadly, it seems, most of my screenshots are lost. I can only find pictures of my bow collection - at least including that req10 13% Wooden Longbow. I post the big picture for the flex (and because I think some people might like to see the goods).

    EDIT2: Image quality is kind of low, so I uploaded another picture just of the unconditional bow. And also a screenshot of a special shield that I still had on my computer. Not unconditional, but at least equally rare.

    EDIT3: Also, just to debunk some rumors: I've never owned an unconditional Crystalline as claimed in some post above. I have owned a fair share of exciting items though during my days and can tell a story or two about them.