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  • Hey, Ingame name?

  • Hello,

    I'm writing regarding your purchase of the Kuunavang tonic in my thread. Was hoping to catch you ingame but it seems our online times are quite different so i was hoping we could set up a time to meet ingame to trade. Hit me up with your online times and i'm sure i can be online.



    • I'm usually online around 20:00 CET.

    • alright, i will keep an eye on my fl.

  • 5e sounds fair for the earth staff. I've added you in game :)

  • also see u might still be looking for Naga shortbow q9 20 under 50, just found one and put it for a PC as I have no clue on a price for it.

  • sorry missed u earlier was afk (having dinner) , back on now for couple hours.

  • Hiya, you've won the q9 Aegis from my auction post.

    My IGN is Sinning Victory, hit me up when your ingame, I play UK times.

  • Hey , let me your IGN to grab the spawning wand.

    See ya


  • Heya - you've won the Onyx Scepter from my auction post. If you let me have your IGN I'll try to catch you in game. I'm Anna Tornado. :)