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  • Hey, thx for your offer in my wtb-thread! :)

    Relating to your offer is a bit above average (4 - 7 BDs), but ok for me...

    My problem: Even if nearly reached level 20 now, i only found one BD already (also some runes & insignias, but these are not so valuable as I saw). BUT: yesterday i got my first valuable item, a sword with 16% against charr, only this already worth 8 - 12 BDs (also related to

    So you can choose: I can try to sell this for about 10 BDs which is average (but could take some time, didn't trade in pre yet) and pay you or we could include it instantly into the trade if you are interested in that, so the bow + 4BDs against my sword (the sword also has an sundering 16/20 inside)...

    Thx for your answer, looking forward to trade with you! ;)

  • msg me your ign so i can hit you up for some runs