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  • Hi there - I can sell you all the cons I've got but I'll need your IGN! Mine is Abrai Sakura, thanks

  • u can pm me on gw for the wintegreen spear + shield and the envoy staff: Pwned By Flower

  • lets trade that gothic for 45e ok?

  • ah ok nvm

  • hey lina, about those 2 shields u want on my thread, if we can go 50e/ea, they are your for today. you know my ign

    • hey thanks for reaching out, would consider taking the gothic for 40e but not more, cheers

    • and defender?

    • I pass for the moment. And let my offer as it is. The +9 really kills the value tbh. Lets see if someone else bid on it

  • Hello! If you are still interested in theQ9 Double Vamp Zodiac Longbow: 14^-1 20e - please contact me IG: Die Nacht Sense :)

    • Yes keep it for me pls. Idk when i will be able to log in. Ing:

  • 10 armor vs undead / -5 dmgs taken 19%chance Q12 str shadow shield - 5e

    10 armor vs undead / -2 under stance Q11 str shadow shield - 5e

    +10 armor vs undead / -2^stance Q10 tact gloom shield - 10e

    I'd be ok if 50e pack, your offers are a bit too low compared to my prices.

  • hello u have b/o for bladed and eternal?

    • hello, wont post yet. feel free to start the bid

      sry for comment on ur wall haha

  • hi mate a friend of mine has come across a q10 insectioid if youre interested