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  • Hello Flint, the Outcast will be yours.

    Please Contact me Ingame

    -Too Stupid to Farm

  • Hey mate!

    Death BDS is yours for 5a

    For the eblade I'd like a bit more, say 17a?

    Also for the channel BDS I'd like a bit more, around 7a

    Let me know what you think of this!

    Ign Tear The Accursed

    Sorry all of the items are gone already!

  • Bow is yours , let me know when you jump on

    Ign: breeze walker

    Might be on my ele : six times

  • find me in game

    IGN = Alexander Masticus

  • hi bro i'm online if you want your auction items

  • Would you pay 650 Black Dyes for the Vizu?

  • Hi Flint you bid on my q8 zodiac hammer and naga bow, I am in game now if you can trade

    IGN: Noxious Onyx

  • hey. you made an offer for my Mini Rift Warden. Msg me ingame so we can do the deal.
    IGN: X Test Your Might X