Oni of Demonslaying Still can't pick one

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hi i sell you the hammer where and when we meet

hi, pm me with your discord so we can arrange pickup :)

l've added you and will be online for couple hours now but mostly afk

i accepted all request i had just pm me i usually reply fast on discord

hey i got ur name suggested what do u think is a double zeal sword req 12 worth? damage +15% and swordmanship +19% +1 energy regen skin is spatha

hello u dont have bladed outcast plague q9 tac +10 dem +45we or q9 str -5/20 +30 for sell?

hi there, of mentioned skins l only have some rubbish bladeds :D

just got a q10 jade hammer that fits in ur stuff.

Hi there, sorry wasn't playing this week... Will be online these days so will contact you :)