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  • hey! Can u connect to gw for the items in RE: Low req OS shields/axe and other stuff! ! ends at midnight!

    ty :)

  • Hey, you bought my package, pls give me your ign so I can give you the pets...

    • ign : let me t two split ; I'll buy it tomorrow though ^^"

    • Hey, I gathered the minis from all my chars, must admit that a zhu hanuku & a shiro are missing, don't find them any more...

      I give you a discount of 1zkey each (starting bid for both as if there had been a bid on them), so if you want the rest of the minis I found, you can get them for 9e/18zkeys. If you want to retract I would understand since it's my fault, just write me your decision (and your ign if you still want them), thx! ;)

    • I don't need some minis in your bundle anyways, shiro I was missing, zhu I wasn't, I'm just buying the bundle so that I get the ones I'm missing tbh, but it's all good I'll still buy all the minis :p

    • Ok, good (there is still one shiro, so no problem)...

    • Hey, I never see you online when I am. When are you normaly on? We seem to need an appointement...