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  • im online right now if you want to grab the katana, kamadan ae4

  • Wrote you pm.

  • hey. i have 3 sets jade wands for sale 1 set is: q9x10 + q10x8 + q11x7, b/o is 180e, if u buy 2 or 3 sets i can go 150e/ea

  • but only q9 q10 q11; check my thread

  • yo i'm selling jade wands set if u want

  • i'm trying to contact u several times about those 2 hammers. can u contact me in game pls?

    ign: sup splitters

  • q9 Ram Hammer 10e

    q9 War Hammer (spike) 10e

    i ask u 15e/ea but i don't see u ingame... do u still want those hammers?

  • La Rana is your ign? can't see u ingame for hammers...

  • what's your ign? wanna trade ram and war hammer, 15e/ea sounds fair

  • contact me ingame for hammers, Sup splitters

  • give me your ign for hammers

  • DSR you wanted for 50e -> we can trade right now !

    <Hombre Derviche

    • Sorry that i wasnt able to trade with you when u PM. Enjoy the game !

  • Wonderfull Rana ! Hightly recommended is serious <3 ! +1 Buyer

  • If you will go 5e on the twin hammer that would help

    IGN - Alexander Masticus