Where to find the new PvE elite skills?

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What are these skills?

The 15th birthday update for Guild Wars has added 10 new elite PvE-only skills to the game as well as 10 new unusual weapons.

You can only get these skills if you have a Proof of Triumph in your inventory. This item is permanent, it will not be used and vanish after capturing a skill.

If you do not have a Proof of Triumph in your inventory, these bosses will not spawn.

To capture the skills itself, you will need a Signet of Capture.

You do not need to play in hard mode to get these.

The new bosses will always spawn when you have the Proof of Triumph, even when the birthday event is not active.
You can only get the Proof of Triumph and the new weapons during the birthday event.

Each of the bosses has at least 2 elite skills you can capture, some even three.

Abbadon's Cursed (Perdition Rock, Prophecies)

foto van Guild Wars Legacy.
Offers skills for both Necromancer and Elementalist (See below)

Soul Taker

Blade Ancient Syu-Shai (Raisu Palace, Factions)

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Offers skills for Warrior, Assassin and Ritualist.

Seven Weapons StanceShadow TheftWeapons of Three Forges
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foto van Guild Wars Legacy.foto van Guild Wars Legacy.

Yoannh the Rebuilder (The Ruptured Heart, Nightfall)


Offers skills for Monk, Dervish and Paragon.

Judgment StrikeVow of RevolutionHeroic Refrain

Furyest Sharpsight (Sacnoth Valley, Eye of the North)

This is a mesmer boss.


Offers skills for Mesmer and Ranger.

Time WardTogether as One

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