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  • Hi! I'm just wondering if it would be possible to close my selling thread please? I've had the title changed to closed for a while now and none of the moderators seem to be closing it. (Or am I missing the right way to close a thread?)

  • Will Legacy be getting an update on the cupcakes? :)

  • Bookah

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  • Get well soon!!! :heart:

  • I chime in with the rest, a really great job on the new website!

  • I'd like to extend a big thanks to you for the huge amount of effort you put into making Guild Wars Legacy and really being a big part in keeping Guild Wars alive. Guild Wars is nothing without a community and Guild Wars Legacy is a big part in making a bigger and strong community for the game we love. Thanks!!!

  • A GREAT BIG thank you for all the work you do here---and our wonderful website!!

    • Thanks Cosy, and a big thanks for everything you've done as well. It's been a team effort since the beginning :)