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    Hi, i did those posters for the new year legacy contest, didn't win but wanted to share it with you guys cause i worked hard.

    nice artwork, looks really cool

    sad that you didnt win, i wonder who won? i regularly check the forum but it seems i miss when winners are announced? not the first time i m always curious what prize the winner got and who won but never find posts about it?

    maybe someone can tell me where to find those links or dont they get posted?

    @ kevin said he would do the announcement sometime soon, for the moment the subforum is private even i couldn't see what other did !

    he will put it public after annoncement for every one to see i guess !

    ty for the kind words tho

    I've been way too slow in this, but it's been a few crazy months. We got 4 entries and we tied on 2 winners, the winners were Ostona and Snoop Snail.

    Your entry was in my opinion amazing as well, I really like the style you went with!

    Better luck next time, you certainly have the talent!

    Or, you can just upload it to Guild Wars Legacy itself :D (we bumped up the file limit a while ago, you can upload to maximum 100 MB per file now).

    I took the liberty to upload them in this post, so you don't have to worry for download expiration.

    Hello everybody,

    I'm forced to do some maintenance on the server that hosts both the Guild Wars Guru archive as well as our mailserver.

    This means that both will likely act up in the next days, so if you miss a mail, feel free to mail me at [email protected] and I'll do what needs to be done.

    The archive might load slower or might not load completely.

    Both servers will soon be migrating to a newer server, but these need to be prepared for this - this causes the possible issues.

    As usual, issues will be posted on

    Should you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

    - Iaerah / Kev

    I have manually activated your account, but there seems to be something wrong with your mailaddress.

    More specifically, we can send the mail to the mailserver, but I get a bounce back later on.

    So, the issue lies with your mail provider. I received your mail about it earlier on, investigated it and tried to mail you back, but got an error.

    The error returned is:

    SASL authentication failed; server[] said: 535 Incorrect authentication data

    Which is strange, since I get this both on our mailserver as well as my normal mail provider. So it seems something is wrong on the end of your ISP.

    - Kev

    Captain Krompdown even if they wouldnt dissapear imo there are ways of making some kind of limitation as I said there have been examples that are way too obvious to not know they re botted threads and the acceptance of bot data by our members is just sad. Also I Know that PhD is against buying currency for Dollars, can you explain me why you guys are fine with getting more items into collection from botters? Whats fun and nostalgic about that?

    There re forums for botters and legacy wasnt one of them till now. We could aswell just allow posting bot files here if you and moderators Iaerah dont see a way of doing something about that.

    What I would do is just simply take notes, you delete post when see flaming and you could delete threads that are known to be botted. I mean what else you need to know if same account posts bot data and then same items that drop from current chestrun are later on auction?

    Legacy is still not a forums for botters - we won't allow discussion about anything concerning bots, how to make them and how to run them. Or just anything about bots, really.

    When something is about bots itself, it will be banned before you can say the word "Quidditch".

    What is a problem is how do you police things that are gained from botting, but for which you have no solid proof that it has been botted. Just suspecting that something was botted isn't enough, even if 1+1 equals 2, it still could be that (some) items were gained in a legal way. However, we're looking into what we should do in those cases. It ain't easy.

    Whenever you start policing, you usually have some evidence behind you and the ability to verify those things. That's kinda impossible for us and hard to avoid.

    If we crack down on it harder, people might simply use an alternative account to sell the items, or to post the data. And they could just drop it in smaller packets, over different accounts (while we do track IP's, IP's alone are totally not enough to ban someone. Banning 1 IP could block an entire country - Pokémon GO once banned 2 IP's from a Belgian ISP and all of the customers of that ISP were unable to play Pokémon GO. Blame carrier grade NAT).

    For now, we are deciding what to do when it is very clear that there has been botted and what to do when it is certain beyond reasonable doubt.

    Perhaps a public blacklist is something which we need to do. It's being discussed.

    It's far too easy to state that someone is a cheater, and we want to avoid that at all costs.

    The only way to be unsure about whether the items sold by Purely/Autism Awareness Is Back/Ether were botted is by burying your head in the sand (which is what I did in nov/dec). That's what the legacy team chooses to do by requiring evidence but not having the means to gather or assess it. Which is what I would do, too, if I were a moderator; things get messy and it will be too much work to sort them out. This has advantages as well, such as giving users more freedom to determine the forum's contents.

    Regarding forum contents, it seems to me that this place is now just for trading with loose morals. At the same time, recently there is no longer any interest in threads/discussions about actual gameplay. There's very little that interests me, and very little that I contribute that interests anyone. This thread was helpful for me to determine whether there was a chance of things changing in the future, so thanks to Dadan for starting it.

    Exactly this Praise. Most of us dont care that bots are in game, we all are aware of that . We do care that They shamelessly can auction hundreds of items Here, ruining values of most items that regular players get.

    Edit. We became fine with data collecting by bots instead of doing research Like it used to be in threads made for example by Red Fireball. This forum changes in the way That Dadan mentioned and Thats issue for some of us.

    I'll turn the question around: what do you want us to do? It's a slippery slope and it is extremely hard for us to prove something - do I personally think people should be allowed to bot and sell their items here? No, I absolutely do not think they should be.

    In fact, people who bot should be banned in the game and in that way we are in quite a unique position - Guild Wars is still popular and active, nowhere near what it used to be, but it is still online. But banning has always been slow in Guild Wars and it feels like it has crawled to a stop nowadays.

    Usually, these issues should be handled by the one running the game, not a fan run forum. We lack tools to police things and while we can take action on Legacy, we can't stop things from happening - if we block something, it might just turn up again with a different name/seller.

    So what can we do with this, of for this? To be honest, that has been a question that I have been wondering myself for many weeks. We are discussing this internally, we have been following this thread quite well, but most people by now know that I usually keep away from moderation. In my opinion, it is more healthy for a platform when the owner of the platform isn't involved with moderation itself (so that you can remain fully neutral should you need to intervene).

    For the moment, our stance has been that we aren't the police of Guild Wars. That role should be filled by ArenaNet - but it is clear that they haven't been fullfilling this role as it should be. So perhaps that policy needs tweaking, but I don't know how far we need to go (and can go) with this.

    Do we put a notice on things that we received messages that the user is suspected to be botting? Do we block the account from posting in certain area's on Legacy? Because that will probably lead to them just going for a new account to get around that.

    If we ban those users, they will certainly just create a new one so that is not a solution on its own. It won't solve anything, except raise the Legacy user count further.

    So this is more complicated than I would prefer it to be. We're talking internally and that it the most I can currently say about it. What I can say is that a rule rework is in progress (has been for a while), but that seems to be progressing nicely now.

    So, my question for you guys is: how would you handle this were you in our place? Knowing that bans aren't as effective as you would wish them to be, having to at least have some proof from botting and in what way we could limit/display that.

    It's a though nut to crack.

    - Kev

    Hello everybody,

    I'm excited to finally announce that Guild Wars Legacy will be getting support for the sale of physical Guild Wars items!

    That's right - now, you will not only be able to sell your in-game items, but you will also be able to 3D-print any weapon/shield/item in the game and get it shipped to you!

    In a constant attempt to improve Guild Wars Legacy, we have been investigating what our users truly want: more clutter in their lives. As our questionnaires clearly made clear: users want more stuff and they want it now.

    Collectors are always at the look-out for the best stuff, in the best materials. That is why we are partnering up with ArenaNet directly to get access to the true in-game models and offer these items in the best quality!

    Whilst this service is still in the start-up phase, we are excited to announce several unique features:

    • Support for dyes, based on the in-game system. You can combine up to 4 dyes to get the result you want.
    • Printing is done by high-quality printers, in the material of your choice (by default, we will use AF)
    • Shipping happens with the utmost care and as much detail as possible is given to the packing materials
    • The print will be hand painted.

    Completing your collection never feels complete without having a full replica of your weapons, so get started with it now!

    The website will launch later today at midnight. The first 10 orders get a free mini-statue of Master Togo, for the questionnaire stated that he is the most universally loved character in the entire game.

    Should you have any questions, we'll be glad to answer them!

    - The Guild Wars Legacy Team

    This thread has gone a bit off the rails, we have received reports and messages and have cleaned up this conversation (note: I generally do not moderate and I have not moderated in this thread either).

    Actions were taken by our moderators and they have my approval.

    Be nice to each other, respect each other and don't attack on another in a thread.

    If things go of the rail again, I'll close this thread.

    - Kev

    Hello everybody,

    Guild Wars Legacy will be undergoing a server move and will be offline for up to 2 hours on the 6th of March.

    This will happen between 10:00 and 12:00 CET (

    I will update the status on our status page which you can find on - this will be online during the server move.

    After the server move, it is important to inform me of any bugs you might encounter, since some software is being replaced which might have an impact.



    Let's keep this on topic, shall we. No more politics.

    The Giveaway/scam/sell threads were run on this forum and both parties said that these items were botted and people involved in this had public fight but Only one side got banned. The way actions were taken show sided intentions.

    The ban given was given due to breaking Legacy rules, nothing else. Should the other side have broken the rules, they would have been given the ban as well.

    I actually looked up the ban logs to verify that and the ban was only given due to breaking our rules.

    That also was a temp ban, not a permanent one. In the automated mail that is sent out after a ban, it clearly states the procedure to fight your ban/to appeal the ban.

    Nothing was received.

    I also want to stress the following:

    We have discussed this internally quite a bit, since we do not take decisions about this lightly. In order to combat these things, we need to change rules and decided how we want to handle things like this in the future. And that's still ongoing.

    But at that moment, our rules didn't catch this and thus we had to act on the rules that were in place and that is what we have done.

    I've said it before, but it is hard to police things. In this case, both parties might have said this, but we have to be careful about setting a precedent.

    So, we are on this, it'll take some more time.

    no you aren't but just like liberals you silence us when calling scammers out. that in itself is Just as bad. you are covering up for them. you know i'm right.

    I think our reasoning has been explained quite well so I won't expand on that here.

    We can only police actions taken on Guild Wars Legacy and we will police based on the rules of Legacy.

    Bringing politics/liberals in with that is just ridiculous. It has nothing to do with that.

    We are still discussing on starting a list of known scammers, but this is something that we don't take lightly.

    We have been made aware of accusations concerning the moderation on Guild Wars Legacy, that we would support item scammers.

    It should speak for itself that as players and members of the Guild Wars community we do not support item scamming and item scammers. Nor should anyone else.

    Guild Wars Legacy is NOT the Guild Wars Police - we are not able to police anything related to the game itself, only what happens on the Guild Wars Legacy Forum and within the Guild Wars Legacy Rules.

    What Guild Wars Legacy does is provides a platform for you, the community, to use for Guild Wars related activity - you can post your collections here, buy/sell things and so many others. This platform is moderated by us, according to our Forum Rules that are clearly laid out on

    We can only moderate based on what is occurring on our platform.

    The topic of scams/scammers has created a lot of discussion on our team chat and we have been discussing how to handle this and similar things in the future.

    However, this isn't quite as simple as it seems: if Guild Wars Legacy needs to have an area where known scammers can be listed this would lead to the question: what is enough proof of being a scammer?

    These aren't easy questions to answer, especially since Guild Wars Legacy does not have a way to verify things in-game. Screenshots and images can be forged. We want to avoid a hostile environment filled with drama.

    At present Guild Wars Legacy simply does not allow anything like this but some discussions are ongoing.

    To conclude:

    Breaking Guild Wars Legacy Rules will result in actions taken on Guild Wars Legacy.

    • We're not the Guild Wars police.
    • We only can take action on Guild Wars Legacy and will hand out punishments based upon that.

    If you have questions about the choices made by us, you can always mail us on [email protected] or to me personally on [email protected] - I'm always available for questions (though my responses can take a few days).

    - Kevin and the Guild Wars Legacy Team