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  • msg me in game when you are able to pick up the dom plat staff ty
    - ign Dervish Donut

  • for bladed xd

  • hey here u have b/o?

  • hello time for sell item?

  • Hello, the mixed teal dye I was selling is your for 23a if your offer still stands. Please let me know! :)

  • HI yuo have won Q8 Staff 2 Winged Staff of Warding Req 8 Smiting- C/O 15a Moon. PLease pm me in game- Tamara Ray

  • hi b/o exalted?

  • Ty for the reponse.

  • (WTS Q9 20/20 Smite Dragon Staff) do you still want staff the current offer is 6a. can you do 7a?

  • Hi! Do you still have that transmogrifier tonic for sale?

  • Hi moon, you won the auction for the Ghostly Fire Staff on Saturday I'll be off and on till about 1 am this morning (4pm or so now) feel free to whisper me at Blessed Spirits as I'll be on VQing for a while.

  • Hello Moon,

    I'd like to purchase the 7/15 sharktooth you price checked, IGN is Monastery Mentor, thank you ^_^

  • Moon,

    Dou know the weapon mod 15dmag -1 HP Pre-Nerf or not ?

  • I amonline now, whats your IGN?

  • let me know your IGN :)

    My IGN : Evil Boy Gu

  • I'll sell you the 20/20 Comm zodiac staff for 4a