Bone Fiend/Thunderclap hero teambuild for melees

  • A team build which features bone fiends and provides sufficient untargeted mass healing and protection as well as cracked armor and [["Fall back!"] to support them properly. Additional support for a melee player is included. Pick a melee which can make proper use of the cracked armor: Hammers should get the biggest boost, but scythes and axes will have properly improved damage, too.

    The build still needs some tweaking for more hex removal. Consider replacing [[glyph of elemental power] with [[restoration aura] as the glyph is probably not worth its casting time.


    Exemplary Video:

    Dzagonur Bastion








    Template Codes:

    Hero 1: OANDUsleSxMKgUBbh4BNfuEzD

    Hero 2: OAljUwGpZSxMKgUBbhVV+Y7Y1Y

    Hero 3: OgljgwMpZOGjwB54b4N0h746N

    Hero 4: OgljgwMpZOGjwB54b4N0h746N

    Hero 5: OAhjQoGYIP3hhWVV4JNncDzxJ

    Hero 6: OACjEyiM5MXTMm3kZW9mcDzkL

    Hero 7: OAOjAyhDJPYTnp1Lce2smtkLG

    paw*ned² template code:

    1. pwnd0001?download pawned2 @ | Copyright 2008-2018 Redeemer
    3. IAAKSGVybyAyCgZOgljgwMpZOGjwB54b4N0h746NAAAADgAIAAKSGVybyAzCgZOgljgwMpZOGjwB54b4
    6. byA3Cg<

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