MQSC Builds

  • any profession can be used in this SC just set ur attribues according to profession u wanna use



    Beach Smite [build=OwIT4Y4YZKfwgYXE6g6DfQfQmAA]

    Beach Tank [build=Owgj8wQTIT1DaRWMEP7ixkyD6DA]

    Yeti Tank [build=OAOi8whMVPoFZxQ8sLGTSTqPAA]

    Rit 1 (Wallow Team) [build=OACjEOiMJTOTYOXTlT+gVT0gXMA]

    Rit 2 (Wallow Team) [build=OACjAyhDJTOTRbfTbOnNOb0gXMA]

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  • This one is actually accurate. The other mid team with dervish is faster, but often results in death. Where as this can be done with just a bu and no deaths.

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