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    yea I prefer windows 10 x-D
    I usually ran everything as administrator and went in to make sure that the account that I used was administrator account.
    To me, doing that helps when I play... I always have issues, if I don't run things as administrator.

    I never had issues of the game on windows 7 either, but now windows 8.... That's just a whole other story and I have messed with it on several computers... It may work, or it may not. It's a lot of fluff and flake that I used xp until 7 came out. I like and have had no issue with windows 10. Also, it could be a hardware issue and I would suggest running diagnostics.

    Anyone interested in the second season of the Mandalorian to come out at the end of this month?
    Or you haven't seen the first?

    Or don't care about it?
    or write your own thoughts. :-)

    I would like to be a trade mod, because I don't bot. I have no use for anything other than what I achieve. :-P

    But not on much due to real life so... Oh, well.

    Victory agree πŸ’―%. I have seen so many similar and same petitions with zero real proposals,.details, etc. As I suggest... And they all failed... I have pointed out problems that I see and know from former and current gw sites. Some are shut down, etc. So of course not everyone is going to understand at all. Notice, no thoughts or solutions. Just complaints. These things have everything to do with expansion suggestion, etc. As all that's current will happen there as well....

    So, if the current can't be considered or solved.... There's no point continuing. If just vague suggestions is considered enough... There's tbh lack of experience.

    So, with that said... "A lot more needs to be planned out, before getting 'sound' votes." Not just another "I want an expansion!! I have people who want it who are developers". Codes, etc. Change. I don't think they know older code. Schools don't teach older codes, etc.

    I have a degree in networking, etc. Learned some on programming like visual basic etc. That's no longer used.

    So, I know things change. πŸ˜’

    Why I say this. Education isn't going to help in some areas without experience.... I have learned more on my own or be taught by others, than a school could teach. Experiences can help broaden the mind.

    If this was me, I would redo with details that could help even with the current problems, etc. And details of plan etc. That could counter most questions or problem points. Then get more sound votes.

    Other types of proposals and petitions that I have seen are more like that. (Subscribed to three petition sites at least.)


    Amount would mean little to nothing.. doesn't matter how many people like it. Look up the other petitions to get an idea as to how many fans would support. That's not the thing nor would show how many people would buy and many degrees means little versus experiences. I have had so much education that I have been turned down for lack of experience.

    I learned since. Age doesn't matter. What matters is learning what problems are and creating ideas and suggestions. That's the first step. A good deal of improvements to bring players back. Then show all of that and ask even in a poll. How many would support those changes. Not just an expansion in general that's being badly vague... It may gain support, but would leave many wondering where, etc. That could hurt and not gain those additional points. Why when with Any suggestions as I have done with companies... You have solutions. Like I suggested to some to help people in need that can't afford formula, etc. For parents. Tide helped wash the clothes. A college switched from using out dated email and chat to Google. Google created , and more. I helped. I still have a college email address. πŸ˜„

    So, having thought out plans that can help - works better than nothing and I would say this is more like a rough draft not completely thought out. If you want expansion, etc. Have contingency plans. Suggests that would include pvp improvements that could likely work, pve improvemets and additions. Willing to help show them that artists, etc. Would be paid for that financial is your expense as this is your suggestions. To help show how to rid of things ideas to improve the game in general. All laid out. Then get votes and take what you have to every location possible. Then go to Arenanet and NcSoft.

    Treat this As the suggestions etc. That could help. Not shooting people down, because they disagree with you. Often may be reasonable... Again. All can be towards contigency plans.