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    I have my own guild in peter's ally (Yes the one that posts youtube tutorial videos)
    I have an acccount in lgit as well as husband. Each on each side. It is the biggest guild/alliance.

    Many may not like being kicked, but being active, etc. can help with that. :)
    So, yeap I play gw still.

    Ariyen as a regular participant in LGiT + others Deep runs and solo farmer as well - from what I see being in outpost regularly I can assure you that you will know of 90%+ of runs from LGiT discord, Recently I saw also HMRC guild forming runs but they also announce in LGiT discord, if they can't make full 12 party. Sadly it's not popular area however I wish it was played more since it's free from bots if I'm not wrong. PS. From time to time [Zraw] runs Deep mostly low man skipway, but it's more like Zraw + trusted ppl from FL ;p

    #MakeDeepGreatAgain :saint:

    Thank you! I knew a few that ran deep like over a year ago. even one with just heroes and me with 4 heroes (which was neat) I'm just no doubt doing like others recommended to the op (before op deleted post) seeing what all guilds still do it.

    I would join lgit it's self, but I'm not active enough to be able to feel confident that I'd have a spot still. I use to be an officer there years ago, even had a former guild with them, before reborn did more guilds. Anyway, I'm just seeing if there's some that'd do pugs like through facebook, kamadan, discord, etc.

    It was closed because the thread creator deleted the first post in the thread and so it made it a bit redundant.

    Still should be used as a good thread for scs of deep and urgoz (like who does them, as per the comments). No matter if it may seem redundant. Could ask if they wanted the posted deleted instead. A more respectful approach.

    I have rather one that changed my course of direction... I was one of the top officers in this guild, along with husband and others and the leader thought well of us all. We did Drazach Thicket, before it became Morostav trails for the sc. He got to see a double elite drop, which I offered him one. Had fun playing Jade Quarry with them and whenever I do play jade quarry, I remember those times as well as using the guild hall, where he showed me the turtle. I name that turtle after him in the guild I have now x-D
    One day, we just chatted. Him about his son and teeth, which I admitted to (My top front are not real) having had similar issues and what I do recall from it all. He was worried about him and I could understand that. Anyway, he went afk and I went to farm, etc. came back to the char. still standing there... No word, I didn't bother him, because ya know real life and all. However, In real life, his son came in and found him gone, reading all of that. One of the other officers was on when his son was and he promoted her instead... When this one stated before hand that if anything was to happen. I was supposed to have lead the guild. I ended up finding out that I was the only mod in the forum they had. I gave everything to the one that tried to ruin him and his marriage. I had respect, she didn't. Anyway, she's got the guild and has one over in gw2. The Cape they kept, I designed for them.
    The Leader was only 36 years old and was basically same age as husband, which I did rely a bit on him to help me when I didn't understand my guy and wanted to learn from others aspects, etc.
    I have one character that is in pre that references part of one of his characters names (And it's clear reference to star trek).
    I had another sin that referenced his characters, because I was honored to be in that family, that guild, etc. (my account was hacked and ones like that were deleted) So, that's been 14 years ago almost. He taught me about sc it's self and how they original created the faction ones and how they were supposed to be different that the dungeon and elite scs.... ;( I got into many aspects of it that I never knew and for that, I'm grateful.

    Honestly the pc thread on here, I find to be more personally opinionated. That's just honest thought and I'm not trying to be rude about it. I would love to see price ranges on things as I have seen for like say Armbraces for sale alone!

    Many claim 15e to buy, yet people can sell for 5 e more... That's just an example of what I've noticed lately in game, which can be frustrating for anyone wanting to do a quick sale and knowing they can get more out of it.
    I don't think anything should be "merch" fodder that could be valuable, because of various reasons, being the collectors for such items, etc. Grant it, the ideal is to hold on to the r9 stuff that's the best to have. If you think it's worth it or find any looking for it - then sell it. If not, THEN merch.

    This game needs an update .It needs to be on par with GW2 as in that game they give out lots of free stuff while in this game you have to make it and spend gold on it .GW2 gives out free skills .

    You missed the many times of free stuff here clearly... Not trying to be mean or rain on your parade, but check out the Official wiki.
    You farm for things, there's free drops, etc. It's easier to find out all this on the official wiki, than be rude with a post going this should be like gw2 with free items, etc. , not knowing that gw1 is a predecessor and honestly a well thought out game.

    I'm going to bump this, (Don't know why it's closed tbh) but I would love to do Deep or Urgoz. Do any of you have any discords (I'm in lgit's discord) of other guilds that do this?

    For me, it's been 14, almost 15 years ago.

    I started it with the intention of checking it out, but I got hooked. I created my own guild that didn't last and failed! I joined a truly great guild and family and loved it. I also got to introduce my husband to the game. :D A lot happened over the years, including months and a few years of hiatus... However, I still *do* play. :) So I started in Sept. of 2007 and I still am there to this day. :) (Same with husband, he'll play on occassion. ;) )


    So, how long have you played?

    I still prefer gw1 to any other mmo. You can ask here and on our Facebook group for fellow players to join you.

    I'm sorry that others haven't been this helpful. However, I can say that adding people as friends helps!

    That's better than nothing.


    yea I prefer windows 10 x-D
    I usually ran everything as administrator and went in to make sure that the account that I used was administrator account.
    To me, doing that helps when I play... I always have issues, if I don't run things as administrator.

    I never had issues of the game on windows 7 either, but now windows 8.... That's just a whole other story and I have messed with it on several computers... It may work, or it may not. It's a lot of fluff and flake that I used xp until 7 came out. I like and have had no issue with windows 10. Also, it could be a hardware issue and I would suggest running diagnostics.

    Anyone interested in the second season of the Mandalorian to come out at the end of this month?
    Or you haven't seen the first?

    Or don't care about it?
    or write your own thoughts. :)