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  • Hi Marty, I don't if this is too much to ask but I've inadvertently accumulated a lot of build threads in the Individual Professions and Builds Discussion sub-thread. Would it be possible for you to merge them in a neat and tidy fashion? Thank you.


    • Hello.

      I've deleted the other threads per your request in the main thread. For the record though, it's not necessarily wrong to have multiple threads. One of the advantages of having a forum (rather than reddit or whatever) is that we can accommodate spreading out content if it's advantageous to do so. It's not wrong to have your own build megathread either - that's preferable if the builds are more generic and you aren't specifically looking for feedback. We would let you know if we considered your posting style to be problematic.

      Thanks, Marty.

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    • Ok Thank you Marty. I'll keep everything you said in mind. :)

  • Marty how do I remove a request to buy something from the forum ?


    • Hi.

      I don't think users can delete threads in the trading forums. Refer to the rules thread for how to designate your thread as no longer being needed and a trade mod will handle it.

      Thanks, Marty.