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    There's no reason to believe that it isn't. Someone (Bill, probably) mentioned on reddit that they had to rework some other systems to get it to work - something about limits on saving data - so there's more to it than just creating inventory expansion items, making the window resizable, etc.

    It's certainly 24 hours. The only other thing I've seen as a potential requirement is having to have posted elsewhere first, which you've done. Maybe there's some kind of delay on the backend.. Remember to read the Market rules first.

    If you can't remember a character name (and can't recover one by means such as looking at old screenshots) then you'll need to contact support. If you can prove that the account is yours by providing the cd keys and/or registration details they'll give you the login details you need. It'll likely take a couple of weeks to get back to you though.

    team build challenge!

    Just remembered that. Not only is it NF only, but there are a bunch of extra limitations as well. It's only one area, but it does show what good execution can do.

    Also, how do you feel about mercenary heroes? They don't technically violate the NF only theme but are against the spirit of the challenge. It would also be dumb for someone to spend on mercenaries before having all the content.

    I'll refrain from looking at your builds too closely until I've had a chance to put something together myself. It also doesn't help that you're listing individual builds rather than a team - this makes a particularly big difference here.

    I don't think Anet necessarily ought to have a ton of sympathy for those players. If we're talking HM then they have to accept there won't be a ton of leeway. That's the whole point. You say what you've come up with is a "struggle at best" but that's what it was meant to be. Seriously, once you set up a modern meta build HM becomes easier than NM used to be. Anyway, I certainly wouldn't label it impossible. I'll see what I can come up with.

    Remember that H/H was, although never impossible, always meant to be a handicap. It didn't used to be like now where putting together teams is a matter of figuring out how much gamebreakingly overpowered stuff you can cram in. There was also a three hero cap. Working together with other players was key to getting through harder content. Through a combination of (theoretically) smarter play, (theoretically) better builds, and the ability to cover each others weaknesses (your lack of skill diversity, in this case), completing the HM titles + DoA should not be an issue for NF only players. If you're not doing that for whatever reason, i.e, doubling up on handicaps, then it's no surprise the content feels disproportionately difficult.

    What content have you tried so far? I'd start by doing some easy (relatively speaking) stuff and then working my way up.

    What builds have you tried?

    Support is swamped at the moment for a few reasons. Unfortunately, this means it'll take at least 2-3 weeks before you can expect a response. The wiki indicates that error 45 means either you've violated the EULA somehow and that your account has been banned, or that your account is suspected to have been accessed by hackers. As such, you'd need to sort things out with support even if you were able to remember your login details. Only thing you can do now is wait.

    Level 17-21 enemies are the only ones to drop max r8 shields (or so I'm told). Max for a shield is 16AL, which that is not. As you've seen, higher level enemies can drop items below req 9, just not good ones.

    Expanding across rather than down would have been done by necessity. The reason equipment packs don't appear in the F9 menu is because they would make it too big to fit on the screen if you're running on the minimum resolution. Expanding the pouch+bags could cause the same problem. I suspect they would prefer to keep the inventory to five rows across, and thankfully it seems they'll be allowing us to shape it that way.

    I've seen other users delete their own posts so it's definitely something that's enabled. I would expect it to be done via clicking the Edit button on a post. Maybe you can only delete posts in a thread that's yours. Try one in this thread. It's hard to tell for me because I'm not sure which options everyone has and which I have because I'm a moderator. I need to make a test account again. Won't have a chance to do that until tomorrow though.

    The profile visitor feature shows you who has looked at that profile. So if I visit your profile ( while logged in it'll list me and the timestamp in the visitors section. It's not something you do manually, nor is it something you necessarily need to do anything with. It's just for personal interest, really.

    I'm not sure why it's not tracking your activity. Maybe you weren't logged in at the time, or your account is somehow set to not appear on such trackers (invisible status?). Maybe you just need to refresh the page, though that's not the case with me. Try visiting my profile and I'll check if it comes up for me.

    I'm still disappointed that the elite templar armor that they added retrospectively was a new set rather than that of Warmaster Grast (and a couple others). The latter looks so much better, and it's undeniably based on the standard templar set (or the other way around).

    Also more armor sets generally for the expansion professions. Something that's stylistically different would be good.

    Afaik Morostav Trail works out best for faction, and should work out to almost 1k faction per minute. Super efficient teams are capable of getting sub 25min times. A quick search of the Guru farming forum brought up a map and some builds, though I would think you'd do better with a dagger build + mesmer based hero setup than a bunch of discord spammers.