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    Grand Court is the noob trap mission of NF. It's there to teach you to not overload on defence and/or have an impotent offence. Once you've got that sorted it's pretty straightforward. As for actual strategy, it helps to pause near the start so that all the enemies reach the middle and you can fight them in one location rather than in three smaller groups in different directions. If you clear the first bunch efficiently then the new spawns shouldn't be any trouble.

    Gyala is possibly my least favourite mission in the game so my knowledge is a lot more limited, but if you can use the canisters to nuke the melee's going for the turtles and then aggro the ranged/caster enemies before they're in range of them that should be enough to keep them safe. Again, clearing the enemies efficiently is going to be the core of the strategy. Regardless, Heroic Refrain will let you get a lot more out of your ST rit than other professions would so there'll be more room for error.

    So For mesmers in January of 2012 especially they became one of the best classes for hard mode. In that month to sort of nerf elementalists I think was their reasoning they increased the armor on mobs in hm while lowering their health. This naturally made the armor ignoring damage mesmers can provide better.

    You've got that backwards. Armor was lowered and health was increased, which had a net effect of zero on armor respecting damage dealers and a negative effect on armor ignoring ones. It was necessary because the 2010 mesmer update made them gamebreakingly overpowered (which is still the case after 2012), but armor ignoring damage had largely been preferred prior to that anyway (see: discord).

    The same thing is true for assassins in general pve (I can't speak for farming/speedclearing) - weapon users deal damage by stacking buffs and then triggering them as quickly as possible. The standard dagger chain allows assassins to attack at an obscene rate, and is capped off by the also gamebreakingly overpowered death blossom. This is evident with every weapon user barring dervs often being better off dagger spamming than using their native weapons.

    Another thing to try for troublesome spots is to avoid going too quickly. It's possible that you can go too quickly for the server to register you being where the client is showing you being, so if you find a nook that seems like it should pop a bit of map out wait there for a couple of seconds to make sure.

    Unfortunately WiK doesn't offer a Memories of Purity type quest or any other way to opt out of the content. It begins automatically when you complete Proph or EotN and can't be disabled until you complete the entire questline.

    As a general rule Anet don't whitelist mods. You'll never get a definitive answer that something is ok. Certain functionalities are blacklisted, such as automating gameplay. Anything outside of those blacklisted functionalites is use at your own risk. Personally I've only ever used Texmod and never had a problem with it. Using a non-windows machine shouldn't make a difference to these policies.

    Both the game and DoA specifically have had the difficulty nerfed significantly over the years so it's actually not particularly hard to get through it with heroes. It's even possible in HM and without cons, though of course that's a lot harder and irrelevant for your purpose. It's been a while since I've done it, but I remember City being the easiest. Just watch your compass and pull when needed.

    It looks like they still intend to have one page with all the info, it's just that they want to be able to store the info in one place (the individual area pages) and then be able to pull it from there to dynamically generate a table on the Vanquisher page. They're still figuring out exactly how they're going to do that. Not ideal to clear out the data before designing the new solution though.

    Gwpvx looks like it's got all the meta stuff covered. You shouldn't be struggling to be productive with such builds. What issues are you having? Perhaps it's a matter of execution - melee characters in particular vary wildly in effectiveness depending on the usage by the player.

    As for other builds, looking through the warrior elites on the wiki would be a good place to start - warrior bars tend to be defined by them so find something that looks interesting and build around it. You could also try digging through the guru archive or the old german forum. There's also the discord, though that's not really searchable.

    Henchmen are definitely good enough to get you through. They were good enough on release and since then it's only gotten easier. Most notably, Arenanet stopped caring about balance around 2010 so the tools at your disposal are significantly more powerful than they were in 2008 (though your access to them will be limited if you're only buying one campaign) and the henchmen bars were updated (around 2010 if memory serves) so that they're at the very least decent (some of them even roughly resemble meta bars). Ultimately, you don't need to worry about being stuck with henchmen - if you're struggling it won't be because their bars aren't viable.

    As an aside, why factions? If you're only getting one campaign I'd be inclined to recommend nightfall. You could also try contacting support to get access to your old account, though that will take a while and will be dependent on how much information you have on hand.

    Texmod isn't broken or incompatible with W10. You probably just need to run the game without it to ensure it downloads the updates first before running it with texmod.

    There's nothing on either wiki that suggests it becomes unavailable if you complete Ice Caves of Sorrow first and that's not something that typically happens anyway, so unless someone can 100% confirm that that is the case, assume you completed it and forgot. Don't waste your time or support's time by contacting them about this.

    That message is standard for all heroes. They all have that. It's redundant for the "(depends on level)" message to appear for mercenaries because, as you pointed out, they start at level 20 and will therefore always have the max armor for their profession (60 for casters, 70 for assassin/ranger/derv, 80 for warrior/paragon). Anet either didn't think to remove it or didn't think it was worth the effort to do so.

    Firstly, note that that bonus only applies to base weapon damage, not to extra damage from attack skills or buffs like Strength of Honor. The lower your base damage the less it matters.

    Speaking generally:

    15^50 is ubiquitous because you're not going to be spending any significant time below 50% health so it's basically +15% always. If you are, you've got bigger problems than worrying about a couple points of damage. If you really care, Dervs can typically erase any downtime with 15/ench and Warriors (and WotA Assassins) can typically do so with 15/stance.

    +20% ones are useless because you can't control when they're active and you're vastly better off removing the trigger than having an extra 1-2 points of damage (if that) on your attacks.

    +5e would really only be useful in niche situations. Higher max energy is not energy management. Some people use it on daggers because the base damage is so low that boosting it by 15% won't achieve much, but I don't think that's the preferred option for most people nowadays. It's also an option on caster weapons, but that's not what you asked about.

    Also note that collectors may be interested in a weapon even if it's not actually good for anything so if it's got a max inherent mod it might be worth something (potentially a lot) regardless.