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    Texmod isn't broken or incompatible with W10. You probably just need to run the game without it to ensure it downloads the updates first before running it with texmod.

    There's nothing on either wiki that suggests it becomes unavailable if you complete Ice Caves of Sorrow first and that's not something that typically happens anyway, so unless someone can 100% confirm that that is the case, assume you completed it and forgot. Don't waste your time or support's time by contacting them about this.

    That message is standard for all heroes. They all have that. It's redundant for the "(depends on level)" message to appear for mercenaries because, as you pointed out, they start at level 20 and will therefore always have the max armor for their profession (60 for casters, 70 for assassin/ranger/derv, 80 for warrior/paragon). Anet either didn't think to remove it or didn't think it was worth the effort to do so.

    Firstly, note that that bonus only applies to base weapon damage, not to extra damage from attack skills or buffs like Strength of Honor. The lower your base damage the less it matters.

    Speaking generally:

    15^50 is ubiquitous because you're not going to be spending any significant time below 50% health so it's basically +15% always. If you are, you've got bigger problems than worrying about a couple points of damage. If you really care, Dervs can typically erase any downtime with 15/ench and Warriors (and WotA Assassins) can typically do so with 15/stance.

    +20% ones are useless because you can't control when they're active and you're vastly better off removing the trigger than having an extra 1-2 points of damage (if that) on your attacks.

    +5e would really only be useful in niche situations. Higher max energy is not energy management. Some people use it on daggers because the base damage is so low that boosting it by 15% won't achieve much, but I don't think that's the preferred option for most people nowadays. It's also an option on caster weapons, but that's not what you asked about.

    Also note that collectors may be interested in a weapon even if it's not actually good for anything so if it's got a max inherent mod it might be worth something (potentially a lot) regardless.

    More info = better answers. As above, post your builds. Also, where are you having trouble? Is it just Duncan or are you struggling to reach him? Does you team fall apart quickly at Duncan or can you not sustain a battle of attrition?

    Given that lack of info, some general thoughts:

    -I'm not a fan of Frozen Soil. It's as likely to screw you as the enemies and dealing with the big mobs is more about aggroing them well than countering their rez anyway.

    -At Duncan I find I spend more time focusing on microing Shelter on my ST Rit than on my own bar. You're going to want it up 100% of the time but they tend to delay and that can cause a wipe.

    -Disable skills that aren't helpful or could impact your team's stability at Duncan.

    -Remember you can flag heroes 4-7 apart via keyboard commands now so you don't need to have them sitting together in the all flag and thus be super susceptible to Spirit Rift.

    -Duncan's Defense means that throwing huge amounts of offense at him (which is very easily done given the general overpoweredness of the skillset today) will work against you. Adjust your bars accordingly. You might need to assign someone extra healing duties, or you could aim for more self sufficiency (eg, Ether Feast on the Mesmers).

    I do recall mentoring being a part of the most recent event. I have little memory of 2008. I think how it worked was that there were a few GvG veterans who elected to teach and eventually participate on a casual tier team (one veteran per team). Teams could nominate what sort of player they wanted, e.g, frontliner. I'm somewhat sure lemming was one, so he could say more and with more certainty.

    Also, I think casual teams were limited to one derv and higher tier teams had them banned entirely. Or maybe three for casuals and one for higher tiers.

    I don't have time to look into this extensively, but there was an event in 2008 (just before halfway down):…://

    It's referred to as the "Guild Wars Guru GvG Challenge" rather than Guru Cup.

    Ah, here we go:…um/forumdisplay.php?f=282

    Can't open any threads but you can glean some info by mousing over the links.

    Also, a team listing here if that helps:…

    NB: I'm using the wayback machine here because the legacy archive is a snapshot of the forum as it was on shutdown (~June 2016) which won't help if you're looking for links or pages which were inaccessible at that time. Maybe the threads from that subforum were eventually merged into a forum that remained accessible and can therefore be viewed in full on the legacy archive, but I doubt it.

    If you can't wipe them outright turning it into a battle of attrition seems the way to go. We Shall Return costs 25e so they'll run dry eventually. Not sure how much energy they have though. I recall once hearing standard casters have 65e in HM, but I can't say that with any surety and Paragons obviously aren't casters. Perhaps try to organise the heroes to spike the enemies one at a time with Siege, hopefully prompting a Cavalier to burn 25e for next to nothing. I haven't vanquished the Desolation in an exceptionally long time (only did it once for the title) but I would think you'd burn them out eventually even without special strategies. Wurms have near unlimited rez potential too. Another thing to try would be to pull them so that they ball up and become more vulnerable to AoEs.

    Also, if you're going the Frozen Soil route, don't underestimate spirit range. You should be able to cast it where it's not at risk of being attacked.

    I very much doubt anyone left supporting GW would be confident enough with the system to go around messing with spawns, though it would be nice if they addressed certain enemies who have become disproportionately strong or weak due to updates.

    A crude shield would best go with a core/proph skin - for a sword I'd say a Falchion/Scimitar, Flamberge, or Gladius, and for an axe I'd say a Hand Axe, Sephis Axe, or Spiked Axe.

    Also, how big will this be when printed? Life size would be awesome, but I imagine it'd be smaller.