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    Screenshots are working as expected for me. Maybe GW has lost permission to create new files in your documents folder somehow. Can you create new skill templates?

    Your default option should be vampiric. It produces more damage than sundering in more or less every situation. Ironically, sundering gets worse as the armor level of the enemy increases.

    A zealous weapon should also be considered mandatory. Some builds are dependant on it to function, while others will still find it useful to switch to when facing strong energy denial, when death penalty becomes problematic, etc.

    Elemental weapons are used to trigger certain skills, eg conjures, provided you aren't using some other means to convert your damage type. They can also be useful to switch to against warriors or other enemies with notable differences in armor levels, but nobody really bothers doing that.

    The condition extending ones are generally useless. Conditions last long enough that the enemy will be dead before they expire and/or are easily enough reapplied. Silencing is the only exception, but daze nowadays really just comes from casters running Technobabble or Fevered Dreams.

    Furious doesn't do enough to warrant running. In 10 hits vamp will produce 30 or 50 damage, so what can you do with one extra strike of adrenaline that is comparable? Using adrenaline boosters (eg, For Great Justice) does affect the gain from furious, but it's still not consistent enough to have any appreciable impact.

    The earliest in each campaign you can find crafters for it is Droknar's Forge (Prophecies), Kaineng Center (Factions), Consulate Docks (Nightfall), and Boreal Station (EotN). You'll reach them relatively early in each campaign except for Proph, though if that's the campaign you're in you can always jump over to one of the others (Kaineng is probably the quickest) if you'd prefer to get your armor earlier.

    Elite armor is actually just for prestige. It doesn't offer any functional improvement over the regular sets. All you need to look for is the armor to have the maximum armor level for your profession (80 for warriors and paragons, 70 for rangers, assassins, and dervishes, 60 for everything else). It's typically craftable at 1k per piece (plus materials, which may or may not be significant depending on what you have and what they cost), which should not be prohibitive once you reach the crafter unless you've been skipping a lot of content. Afterwards you can add runes and insignia to improve it further.

    Some thoughts:

    -Staves function as a skill on a stick rather than a martial weapon so the base damage won't scale according to your attribute - unfortunately having 16 spawning won't give you an extra ~15% damage.

    -The wiki claims the attribute only affects critical chance for martial weapons. The formula isn't clear to me so I ran six three minute trials against the master of damage with 9 and 16 fire magic, with the following total damage results:

    9: 1707, 1660, 1675, 1670, 1680, 1689 (average 1680.16)

    16: 1733, 1690, 1728, 1660, 1771, 1691 (average 1712.16)

    If the crit chance is supposedly the same, why is there a discrepancy in damage? I would think the sample size is big enough here. I suppose if you look at it from a dps point of view an extra 32 points over 180 seconds is next to nothing, but the 9 scores look too consistent to ever reach 1730+ without an absurd amount of luck. Idk. Fortunately, it doesn't really matter if we understand it or not because we'll be maxing spawning regardless.

    -Great Dwarf Weapon would be great, but cannot self target. It would also remove the need to invest into channeling (but add the need to consume alcohol), allowing you to either max out the conjure attribute (+3 damage) or spend elsewhere.

    -SS+Conjure+EBSoH+GDW+IATS = 109 damage. A customised 15^50 staff crit would deal 43 damage against a 60AL target. (A non crit with the same bonuses would deal 15-30 damage, with an average of 23.) So a 152 damage staff hit against the master of damage should be possible (albeit with another player providing GDW); is there anything else that could be added? If you only cared about the single highest damage rather than dps you could use Dodge This rather than Drunken Master. Judge's Insight won't work because it changes your damage type and I can't think of a way to get it back to elemental.

    I created the code for the one above: OAajQyiIiSLg0iykzkIbdDZgXM (I guess this build is to be used with the stats of the Envoy Staff of your picture, isn't?)

    HCT mods won't do anything for that build. You'd want HRT to try and get your enchants available sooner in case they get stripped, given you'd be useless without them. You may also want to switch to a spear for attacking - you'll get 16% more hits in (and can use a shield), though there are downsides to that. I also doubt Shell Shock is worth it - it's not going to overcome the damage you get by just autoattacking, and if you really care about the bleeding from Deft Strike you can always bring Weaken Armor on a hero.

    There are no requirements that I can think of, unless you're trying to apply a profession specific upgrade to a different profession. Applying upgrades to heroes is the same process as it is for your own armor. Give us more info. What are you trying to apply and to whom? What actually happens when it fails - is there an error message or something?

    I think we're looking at this the wrong way. I think the threshold isn't rounded at all - there's no need for it to be. You can't have half attribute points, so odd levels where you get .5 thresholds are functionally identical to the level below. So at level 19 (threshold 11.5) it takes 11 for the under and 3 for the over, which is the same way it turns out at level 18. Inputting 11.5 and 2.5 doesn't make sense. What would be getting rounded is the under (rounded down) and the over (rounded up).

    It is indeed a 6 point difference in damage, though in practice it probably isn't relevant. Against a 220 health enemy it should be a two hit kill either way once you factor in the elevation bonus and/or ignite arrows and/or a charrslaying mod. Maybe it makes a difference if you want to one shot them with dual shot, or if you take the ranger and warrior charr into consideration.

    I made an error with the calculator - I overlooked the level box because I thought it was only used for estimating the armor level of the target. Setting it to 8 results in it calculating a 100% critical chance, but with an additional message that says "Note: Critical hit chances greater than 66% are subject to an unknown (presumably) asymptotic limiting function that prevents them from ever reaching 100%. Your actual chance to critical hit is slightly lower than the results displayed."

    Also, I forgot to mention that attacking from a higher elevation than the enemy increases your damage, though I've never seen anyone attempt to quantify it or figure out how to calculate it.

    Spell damage is simple. Under those circumstances the damage should be 106 at level 19 and 112 at 20.

    As far as I can see on that page, the damage of an actual critical hit is not different between lvl19 or lvl20. Level only affects non-critical dmg, and critical hit % chance, not critical hit dmg. So if enemy armor lvl, bow attr level, bow dmg & modifiers are all the same, your critical hits at lvl19-20 will deal the same dmg.

    The page doesn't make it clear, but the attribute level part in the critical hit formula needs to be adjusted according to the attribute threshold, which does apply character level. Having said that, the character level is halved so if it's rounded up (which I assume to be the case but might not be) there won't be a difference in crit damage between levels 19 and 20.

    Assuming the 15% damage bonus is triggering and the bow is customised, in addition to the stated circumstances, the bow crit should deal 106 damage (not a typo - it's incidentally the same as the level 19 flare damage).

    Back in the day Chthon built a damage calculator which you can find here: https://archive.guildwarslegac…age%20Calculator.001.html

    It's only for weapons (presumably because spells aren't complicated enough to bother) and it assumes you're level 20, but it'll tell you plenty. It confirms the 106 crit damage I calculated above, plus it shows the average dps. At level 19 your crit chance will be lower and thus your average dps will be lower. To save you a minute I've screenshotted mine, though obviously if you want to play around with it (maybe you're /W for frenzy or something) you'll need to set it up yourself.

    When it comes to weapons your level affects how much your weapon attribute scales your damage as well as your critical chance. A critical hit sets your base damage to the max damage of your weapon * 1.41 (or 1.1 in the case of scythes).

    When it comes to spells your level determines the baseline armor level that the enemy would need to break even on damage. The damage they take is scaled according to where their armor level is relative to it. So, a charr shaman has (according to the wiki) 23 armor vs fire. A level 7 ele with 10 fire magic would see the flare description say it deals 50 damage. The breakeven point for this ele - three times their level - is 21AL. The charr has more armor than that so that 50 damage gets scaled down. When the ele levels up their breakeven point goes up to 24AL which is higher than what the charr has, so flare would get scaled up in damage.