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    I can't replicate your attachment issue. All the buttons work fine for me. I tried on both my usual white mantle theme and on the dervish one (I presume this is what you're referring to as the dark theme).

    I don't usually have email notifications on for anything, but I just tried it and nothing turned up after 10 mins. I'll poke Kevin.

    Armor reduces damage by a percentage. For example +5AL cuts incoming damage by ~8%, +16AL cuts incoming damage by ~24%, +40AL cuts incoming damage by 50%. So the number of damage points additional armor will prevent depends on the size of the incoming packet.

    There's no armor cap, either overall or for particular damage types. There is a +25AL limit on bonus armor (see links below), though if a single effect exceeds this it will work in full.

    Armor rating - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

    Armor calculation - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

    The mechanics are well understood at this point so the wiki should cover anything you need to know if you really want to dig deep into this stuff. If you give some concrete info about where/what/how you're testing and it's not clear from the above links we can walk through the numbers.

    No. Mr. Clean(-Value) is incorrect. The duration of an effect is always fixed upon it's creation. They are never shortened/lengthened or sped up/slowed down on the fly. Switching to a -20% blind (for example) shield after you've been blinded achieves nothing. Likewise, casting Ether Renewal and then switching to a +20% enchant weapon does nothing, casting Healing Breeze and then Blessed Aura does nothing, moving in or out of Quickening Zephyr does nothing, etc.

    Edit: QZ affects recharge time rather than effect durations, but the principle is the same.

    I would imagine health only because dmg reduc only applies to physical damage

    While it is true the -2/enchant and similar mods are physical only it's irrelevant here. These mods go in the inscription slot which can never contain +health. The question for that slot is whether the -2 is better than +10 armor vs damage or creature type. The health vs armor slot is the suffix mod, and also the prefix for staves. A +5 armor mod here affects all armor effected sources of damage.

    I'm not a chestrunner by any means so I can't speak specifically in that context, but as a general rule +armor is preferred. A few reasons:

    -Armor typically increases the amount of damage the enemies have to throw at you to kill you by more.

    -Armor makes healing more effective.

    -Adding x to your maximum health achieves absolutely nothing until you get below x health whereas armor is always helping.

    There's more to say about it then that, but there you go. I'm sure the relevant build pages on pvx/wherever would detail the preferred equipment anyway.

    The dat contains all sorts of data used by the game - text, sounds, images, 3d models, etc. You're not going to be able to open it with wordpad or other simple single purpose tools. I know people have built software that will allow you to view the contents but I don't know from who or where it's found. Searching for "gw dat browser" or similar should bring it up.

    What are you trying to do?

    I can confirm that this also works on Windows 11. I had some troubles at first where the in-game option was still greyed out after following the instruction, but setting gw.exe to run in compatibility mode with Windows XP fixed that. I'm not sure if that is the best way to do it. I noticed that compatibility mode breaks the skill template manager in the game.

    Don't know what you're referring to by "breaks", but iirc windows xp put the templates in the install directory whereas newer versions put them in documents. If your issue is that your templates seem to be missing then it's probably just a matter of moving/copying them.

    Don't bump five year old threads to post completely unrelated content.

    Click on the conversation bubble icon on the semi-transparent bar and then click on the plus button. Alternatively, go to your intended recipient's profile, click the user button (to the right of their username) and then Create Conversation.

    The difference isn't going to be noticeable. Unless you're doing something legitimately difficult in today's context a couple of points of DPS less won't impact your success. What will be far more important is modding it properly, customising it, and maxing out the weapon attribute (which you should always be doing, not just to compensate for a bad weapon).

    Most builds you find should work fine. The main build repository is GWPvX wiki, which is not perfect but a good resource. Maybe you might have to substitute one skill for another but all the core stuff that forms the foundation of a build will be available.

    Where are you up to? If you're just starting out you're better off learning what makes a good build and putting something together with what you have rather than trying to match a build that might have skills you won't see for a long time or will take a lot of effort to get. Some builds may also not be effective unless you've got all your attribute points or certain bits of gear, which might make them poor choices if you're still levelling. Also, learning how to actually be good at your role, like with pulling, is pivotal to your performance - you're not going to automatically win just because you've got a good set of skills on your bar.

    Assuming you're still in the early stages keep it simple: something like 3-4 attack skills, something to boost your attack speed, some kind of party support (eg Watch Yourself), and a couple of offensive utility skills (eg For Great Justice). It'll be easier to give more solid advice if you give us more info

    Also, for the record, solo means literally solo, even without ai companions.

    Off the top of my head, Illusion of Pain will result in a net gain of health if removed early enough. You can do this yourself with Drain Delusions.

    Edit: some more thoughts: Grenth's Balance can be used even if not in your favour. If you find enemies who can copy your skills (eg with Inspired Hex) you could send them some healing skills like Soul Leech. Tengu's Mimicry can copy any shout or chant you use. Some nature rituals (other than Predatory Season which you've mentioned) could be helpful. I have no idea whether these are viable without knowing what you're trying to achieve.