EoN faction to maximize as Sin

  • Came recently back to the game and finished EoN campaign with my sin.

    Was wondering about which faction should I maximize the most (norn, vang, asura) and from those which 1 is the hardest to level up.

    Thanks in advance!!! :)

  • Chesnagor

    Changed the title of the thread from “EoN to maximize as Sin EoN” to “EoN faction to maximize as Sin”.
  • Regarding the skills, rank 5 is enough to max them out.

    In regard of gwamm, I personally used the books for deldrimore rank as the others are most likely easy and filled pretty fast with the vanquished you have to do for the master of the north title. In addition, you have to do the HM Heroes Handbook anyways which also gives a nice rep boost to one title. But in the end, deldrimore was the fraction title which was always my last to max out on like 5 or 6 characters.

  • i too am a proponent of the dwarf point snowman method.

    With as many minion masters as possible, it's just f**king hilarious. 3 necros totalling 30 minions happens easy, and more is possible (razah/mercs as necros too). Snowmen beware the horde!

    In hm if you get good buffs from the shrines and max points per kill, then get a hunt rampage, and a boss bounty just before frosty does it's a stupid amount of points a run.

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