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    hey, not all are the complete utter worst sh!t...

    One or two might even be Kopi luwak and be sellable

    (Kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee, is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. The cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet's intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected... and ppl pay top dollar and drink coffee made from it lol.)

    I see, so that's why it doesn't manage to filter it.... I tried so many times but it didn't work any of it and I really couldn't understand why. Also yes sorry I misspelled it a lot. Dinky__ is me, I just for some reason made a new user because I forgot I had this one lol.

    Please let me know if you figure any way to filter it out.

    for now just use

    M-A-L-L = Suppress, Any

    It's all 'plain' M and - minus

    You can basically use any bit of their msg that they use over and over as a block rule, as long as its a bit "normal" ppl won't use. Just remember, don't necessarily block the 'random' text strings they use sometimes, they may correspond to part of a build template or something lol.

    I really wish i could figure out that damn semicolon/greek question mark thing cause i swear i tried both, its not them. I spent quite a while looking and neither ; or ; worked for that first character in c;o;m

    1, 3, 4 merch.

    Reasons incude: high req / 1 off inherents on 1 and 3 / 4 is non max dmg / hex mods r hard sale even if perfect

    2 you might get lucky and find a q8 singlemod shield collector, but its a bad skin, i'd take basically any offer

    There is one in GToB that unfortunately has found that if he adds a number at the end it bypasses the filter. I've only been arsed to grab some of them. Also does Wts at the start so it's a bit confusing. I just cba to add every single possible numeric code.

    That # one filter should get every other one though? A rule match that is only part of an "offending message" still nukes the message.

    Personally i'd just add

    G-V-G-M-A-L-L-C;0;M = Suppress, Any

    or even just

    C;0;M = Suppress, Any

    as a new blanket .com misspelling nuke rule

    and be done with it... make sure "Suppress" has 2x p

    Ugh, its not so easy...

    It's cyrllic es С, zero 0, and greek mu Μ, the second punctuation in С(;?)0;Μ is a semi colon, but idfk where in unicode the first character that looks like one is, because a semi colon isn't actually it, and its not a greek question mark.

    Out of curiosity (and sorry for the OT): Oldschool Damage +15% with Health Regeneration -1 seems to be very worthy? Which weapons with this mod are worth something? Generally Swords, Bows...? Just Q9 or also higher?

    Thanks for an answer!

    Grandor Shock

    I guess because its not max dmg.

    Even crappy one handed (swords, axes) dual vamp weapons are sellable for 20-50e (q10‐13 and 14%^-1) because with a -50 cesta and 105hp armor for 55hp = dead fast because... reasons 😜

    No pics to add but does anyone know why Guildwars removed my Centurion's Insignias from my inventory?

    I had purchased them in Kama at rune trader yesterday and wake up today and they are gone!!!

    Did you check on Kieran? We already know he might steal skirts, are insig a stretch? That closet paragon.

    Looney thanks - I missed that correlation after the time passed in between.

    IF that one is from the chest in question it does indeed mean that the max q8 can drop there - very situational argument... but definitely worth looking more into nf treasures around kourna :)

    Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me too much if the can. kournan chests drop q8 so maybe those treasures do too. The gold value correlation may be off as well due to treasures tending to drop higher than normal values.

    I prefer Guild Wars

    do you prefer asking a this or that question


    Breaking the thread of the game?

    (I prefer multi-player game, but usually play solo)

    Go outside and play in the snow *or* stay inside and hot choccy?