Team for Daily Zaishen Quests

  • Greetings build builders. I'd like to share the team I use for daily Zaishen quests.

    My own assessment of this team:

    - Pro: Runs around fast; kills fast; able to do most hard mode contents

    - Cons: Defense is somewhat lacking; relies on summons; needs corpses

    The main perk is 3 Fall Backs on the mesmers, because most of the time questing is spent running around. The mesmers will follow you closely when running, and will not stop for casting outside of battles (to summon minions or cast bundled ashes). You can always expect Fall Back to cover you when running. :)

    Player build:

    Assassin's Promise spiker (for quick kills)


    fill up the blanks with any energy management skills from your profession


    - Equipment: anything that adds up to two 10% HCT for spells, for faster AP and EVAS casting

    For example: staff with "Don't Think Twice" and "Swift" staff head

    Another example: spear with "Don't Think Twice" + focus with a "Swiftness" core

    * Note: For non-caster professions (W, R, A, D, P), if you don't want BiP to be casted on you automatically, use a spear. You may switch to a staff when you really need energy, and BiP will then be casted on you by the hero's AI.

    Mesmer runners:




    - Equipment: 20/20 wands and foci, Prodigy insignias, affordable runes

    The supports:

    BiP healer:


    - Equipment: 20/20 restoration wand and focus, +1 +2 blood on headgear to hit 13 bood, insignias and runes of preference

    N/Rt healer:


    - Equipment: 20/20 restoration wand and focus, insignias and runes of preference

    Minion master:


    - Equipment: staff with 20+20 HCT death, +20% enchantments, Bloodstained insignia, and others of preference

    Spirit summoner:


    - Equipment: spear and focus, or anything of preference, Shaman's insignias, affordable runes

    Overall, the builds include:

    - 2 condition removals

    - 3 enchantment removals

    - 3 hex removals

    - 2 resurrection skills

    - Maintainable "Fall Back" and "Stand Your Ground" :)

    [Mission-specific] ... personal preferences

    - 4-men areas: I would take the spirit spammer, N/Rt healer, and E-surge mesmer; for very easy areas I'd take the 3 mesmers

    - 6-men areas: I would leave out the BiP necro and one of the E-surge mesmers.

    - For Imperial Sanctum and Gate of Madness, I would take an assassin with Flashing Blades and Wild Blow to tackle Shiro

    - For A Time For Heros, I would take 2 UA monks in the place of the spirit spammer and minion master.

    - For Moddok Crevice, I would take 2 ele with Deep Freeze to snare the 2 Corsair Runners

    - In difficult situations, an ST rit may replace the minion master

    - For Nightfall missions that require a specific hero, I would give the hero a high-energy staff and the skill bar of the spirit spammer.

    - Alternatively, take out one of the BiP or N/Rt healer and use this bar:


    No team is perfect for any situation, and may need adjustments here and there. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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