Introductions Thread!

  • Hey All!

    I thought maybe we should have an introduction/reintroduction thread for our new forums!
    Just tell us a little bit about yourself :)

    I'm Lorenna, I've been playing Guild Wars since a month or two after release and had been using the old Guru since late 2005.
    I mostly do speed clears, I also collect some specific OS Monk items, and like getting involved in community events, used to DJ with GW-EN Radio etc.

    Let us know a little bit about you so we can get the discussions going on our new home!

  • Hi all, I'm glad to be invited to the new forums. I've been playing Guild Wars since Wintersday 2008. When a charr first dropped a Snowman Summoner I was like "What is this?" Well it's been a long journey since then!

    I mostly just work on my mini collection and hope one day for an update.

    " thing I have learned—life is too damn short not to have a cookie when you want one." - Ray Stevenson.

  • Hey all, I'm Kevin (but that should be obvious!).

    I'm the technical guy behind this site, so if something mis-behaves, be sure to let me know!

    I started playing Guild Wars a few weeks before Factions hit. I still remember being in the store and picking up 2 games: Guild Wars or World of Warcraft. Which one should I pick? The choice was obvious, and I brought with me Guild Wars: Prophecies GOTY. Best game I have ever bought and I have never regretted it at all.

    I've made many friends in this game and it saddens me to see that my friendlist is mainly something from the past... I need to change that! I need some people to play a lot more with ;)!

    My main character is my warrior, Leanna Goldwing, though lately I've been playing a lot more with my necromancer (which is my oldest character... I kinda neglected her for years... poor thing!).
    When I'm online, which is quite a lot, I'm mostly trying to max the last three titles I need for GWAMM (I never rushed to it, until only a year or 2 ago...). If you want to help, you're always welcome! :P
    For the rest, I just enjoy playing the game - doing missions, vanquishes, quests, everything.

    I just love this game!

    - Kev

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

    :ass: Inquisitor Karinda :der: Sunspear Elke :mes:Librarian Amber

  • Thanks for setting up a real GW forum to take GW Guru's place. I'm the same Gadd Fan from the old site.

    I'm sure you all are still building the site but I'd like to request maybe an archive thread of mapping stuff. Tips and maps of hard to find places to get cartography titles.

    Also a missions and dungeons tips thread too.

    Thanks again for this place.

  • Hi.

    I've been playing since the first week. Was a Guru member since late 2008, though I had lurked before. I had some big life shifts and I was away from the game from 2010-2013, but am now back and playing every day. I have two GWAMMs-to-be, but I don't like cartography so they're both waiting for me to max my Lucky title. If anyone ever wants to chest run I'm your guy, at least until I'm done with that darn title.

    My IGN is the same as my name here, and I love to do vanquishes, dungeons, etc. as well. I'm still very much an active player.

  • Heya,

    I'm Emma (obviously (Ham Rock on Guru)) and I have been playing since I was just 11 years old. From selling a r8/16 Gold Summit Warlord Shield for a few platinum to a "pro" dungeon speedclearer to a title hunter to an active collector with a main collection with close to 200 shields. I've seen about everything and done about the same. Now I enjoy doing urgoz and deep runs with my friends, working on my gwamm and leading my Gold Trim guild [pupu] with two great friends. I'm up for about anything in game and looking for people to do Zaishen Quests with.

    Nice to meet all of you and hope to make more friends :D.


  • Ello ello.

    Zephyr Of Light here from guru.
    Been lurking guru since 2007 to check what people had for sale, but only actively joined since 2013.
    Been a PvE nub and part time mAT bencher from 2007-2011 with various people which I can't name all of them, had some breaks on and off during that time.
    Eventually wanted too explore other parts of the game I never really got into, which was Collecting.
    Over a 4 year time span i'v grown from around 80 attribute shields, towards a pile of ~250 bugged, clean, and pre-nerf items.
    During that time I also developed Z-Way (ofcourse named after myself lol) which in general had great response from the public on Guru (with over 47,000 views and average rating of 4.5 / 5).
    And yeah.. Thats it for now I guess. ^^

    If you'll be content with putting water with wine, the glass will always be half full.

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  • Guess I should say HI as well.
    If you have ever visited guru you would recognize my name ....having held the position of moderator there from late 2008 to present as well as super mod and admin of Ventari's.
    Starting playing gw in Aug of 2005 when I returned to the USA from a 2 year stint teaching English (hahahaha) to junior high and high school kids in Japan (kids are the same everywhere--they go to school to be with their friends and learning usually takes a back seat if any in their 'cars').
    My husband got me started on guildwars as something we could play together, he has moved on to other games (world of tanks, world of warships) and I continued on....and have been playing just about daily since. I have a couple of GWAMM and more in the works. I enjoy making characters the most (I have a few other accounts besides my main one), and have a few titles I am still working towards: wisdom, treasure hunter, luxon (got kurzick) as well as trying to 'catch them all' minipets; alas I think i will never get the few I am missing unless someone dies and I inherit them (wti island guardian, panda, mpb, etc)....
    I spend most of my time not in game moderating :blush: or sleeping it seems...
    guess that is more than enough.

    :mouse:where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar? :cookie:

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  • hey, name's Charlie. played since June 05, played pve till late 06, then HA and a tiny bit of GvG, stopped pvp because it stopped being pvp after (before) GW2 arrived, now just play Fort Aspenwood on Saturday and Sundays.

  • Ahai there!

    I'm Donutdude and I have been playing Guild Wars on & off for a smidge over 8 years. I am a main Elementalist, meaning there is little that I do not know about the class. I love it so much that I may or may not have 6 prestige armour sets for him alone... :D I am also an obsessive miniature collector with just over 3 Xunlai storage panes full of them! I've mostly become a solo player, only grouping up when my Brother and Dad log in to play with me though I am open to learning a few speed clears because I have always wanted to try them. I am the leader of a quaint guild that me and my family use so we can have our own cape and guild hall, which is 85% complete.

    Outside of Guild Wars, I am keen programmer currently learning PHP with HTML5 and CSS lined up as well. I also love motorcycling, which I do frequently when the weather is beautiful outside!

    As for GWG, I never used to use the forums much but I was a frequenter on the GW: Auctions part of the site. I miss it dearly if I'm honest - used to love it!

    Anyhoo I think that's enough blabbering from me. Looking forward to lots of fun here at the new digs. Ciao!

  • Hey! I'm Kish, thought i'd stick with my GWGuru name, joined guru in 2008 and have been lurking around ever since... I'm from the UK and I've been playing GW on and off for around 9 years now. I was a major SC head for a long time and was a member of a few memorable guilds that are unfortunately no longer active. I'm now in a small tight-knit casual SC guild with a few of my long time friends. I fell prisoner to GW2 for a good 3 1/2years before recently returning back to the original (and best) game! I'm currently still doing a lot of things in game including SCs, OS hunting, title hunting and Kamadan speed clear. I'm online most days so feel free to hit me up!

    IGN: Senshi Kishi

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  • Hi All,
    I am Iris (Also now as Angbryn). I have been playing since a bit before GW's first anniversary I think. My main character is a Necromancer but I also like to play Ranger, Ritualist and Mesmer.
    I have several characters with various maxed titles but right now I am focusing on my Necromancer to get the GWAMM title.

    As far as community work is concerned I have been in the staff of the French community fansite FUREUR for more than two years where I was doing guides, articles, translations and interviews for the GW2 section.
    I was also part of the organisers for the Foostival event for the first two years.
    After playing GW2 for 2 years (mainly because of my duty as a staff member of the GW2 section) I decided to stop and come back to GW1.
    I am working on finishing my titles and having fun in elite zones.

  • Hello all.

    Player of 11 years here, currently guildless as a result of being fed up with massive faction alliances with zero camaraderie. Is it too much to ask for some friendly guildies/allies to enjoy the game with?

    Anyway, I'm UK based and manage to play a couple of days per week.

  • Hi all !

    My name is Bastien, or Helari. I've been playing GW for yeeeears like everybody here (something like 10 years...). I'm fully devoted to Dwayna, monk lover here (so, I was a sad GW2 player for the time I played it...). I never found any games that I enjoyed so much playing than GW, so that's why I'm here :p

    I've been working a lot for the French Fansite called Luna Atra, mostly known for our web apps and tools (build tools and other databases, for GW and GW2 before launch), and writing many guides and articles about the game. I was involved in GW2's Foostival creation too.

    I love GW, I love its original community, and I love the friends (and boyfriend) I made there.
    So, let's have fun together here before Anet shots the last bullets to our beloved game (sooner or later, it will happen).

    I'm not having enough time to play a lot, but when I do I focus on having fun, and I'm interested in finishing Mallyx for the first time of my life when I'll have enough time to do it :)

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  • [hr]
    Herro folks!

    I am Junie, member of a small Luxon guild and a happy GW player since 2008. Currently I am working on my Carto title. And I am SO happy to see this legacy site!! THANKS to all who started this and let me know if I can help --- am definitely not very techie, but I can follow directions. See you ingame!

    Those who will remember, will speak fondly of the warm morning breeze.

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  • Heyho!

    Name's Dave, nice to meet you ;)
    I have been playing Guild Wars 1 since 2006 and have amassed quite a few hours in that time. I finished a God, am close to finishing a second one and did quite a bit of DoA in between.
    I took a break when Guild Wars 2 was released, but now I am back in game to have some fun ;)
    I wanna finish my EL tonic collection while I'm at it (except the hench tonics and the reindeer one) and the Zaishen title as well.
    See you ingame!

  • Hello all.

    I joined Guru nearly 10 years ago now (6/6/06) but had been playing GW for at least a year beforehand. I always avoid looking up external resources for a game before finishing it myself. Contrary to most games I got hooked on Warrior rather than a spellcaster type. I did create an Ele first but couldn't commit to it until after I'd played my Warrior. I've done everything I'm interested in doing with him, so I almost exclusively play my other chars. Necromancer and Mesmer are the most popular atm. Ranger and Rit are my go-to's when I need a melee fix.

  • It's Kabong.

    Sup. It's been a while. I've had many good times and have many memories tied up in this game.

    Preservation of the history of GW is a commendable goal and I congratulate the men and women of this site for contributing to this in whatever way they can. So much has already been lost to bans, hackers, bots, cheats, thieves and time but the richness (and many riches) of this game still survive, so let's enjoy.

    I'll bring the hammers and my rocking chair.

  • Kabong old chap!! Welcome on board. Give your brother a kick in the shins to register too...


    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde