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    Longstory short Kairi.

    I recent got a req 9 gold non-max Collosal Scimitar from Am Fah(lvl 20 NM) while going too eotn.

    Got a screeny but cant upload it now.

    I suggest looking there for req8 golds


    A pre-nerf eternal Q8 - 2 hex is 5-25e..

    And a Q7 non inherent White Fellblade is 1500e how..?

    Point proven.

    Oh, Notority don't lecture me on pvp shields

    Every Q7/15 shield is what 20-40e and that sea purse skin is why 30000% the value over others?

    So please enlighten me why a common shield that STILL drops is worth two times the value of a pre-nerf Q8 perfect Crysta how..?

    Its Greed, not market value bye.

    I remember a similar thread that kind of got out of hand because of these PC's.

    What was it again 1500e for a blue q7 clean FDS... Right.

    This is not different, this Fellblade is 400-500e Tops no questions about it.

    I have no idea how people are getting some price estimates, but currently there is a blue Q7/15 inscrip sea purse garbage being sold for 14000 ectos..

    Greed over common sense, its so toxic and destructive.

    Wand offhand 40/40 basicly if you want them to spam as much as possible the bare unconditional stuff, like healing or damaging spells alike.

    Not to expensive to craft, costs around 100-140k gold for seven heroes.

    Staff 20/20/20 with 20% ench, if you want certain spellcaster heroes have important enchantments lasting longer for obvious reasons.

    Usually a modded Staff put toghether, around 20-40k.

    +5 energy +30hp spear +30hp shield purely for defensive reasons or reducing the impact of Superior runes, aswell for certain area's in the game to prevent being targeted by certain spells.

    Prayer of the Forgotten + Collector / Crafter shield easiest to get, Will cost around 180-240k gold for seven heroes

    20/20 +60HP Staff, right in the middle of wand offhand and the spear shield combination.

    Commonly found on various Green Staffs for plenty of professions.

    Average costs are 180-260k for seven heroes due their good stat distribution.

    Hello im looking for some stuff.

    Elswyths longbow

    Kole's Torment

    Victos shield

    Victos axe


    Thats it for now, leave a msg below with your IGN and ill contact you ingame.


    Great too see that a legendary GW YouTuber like WoodenPotatoes has put time into making this video and putting GuildWarsLegacy in the spotlight!

    And ofcourse all of Kevins dedicated work for GWL, the community, and amazing gesture for ArenaNet for their thoughts and labor of love for this game!

    Watched WP's entire GW solo playthrough, really humbled to see that GW1 still remains a big topic for him throughout and in between his GW2 video's for all of his viewers too enjoy!


    Im on board with kairi, id love a new expansion and im sure the creative staff of Anet would love to be of any help.

    However i think that the marketing perspective of Anet wont go onboard with this because it simply wont pay off for them to invest so much time money and staff for the little return they get from it.

    GW only had around 5-15% of its playerbase ''actively'' playing.

    So if it happens it will only be a gesture of good will and not for monetairy reasons.

    Hence for that reasons i doubt it will ever happen.

    I think we should be grateful enough of them to let GW1 be ran on GW2 servers.

    I doubt that GW1 will even generate enough revenue on its own to even pay for the server costs by itself.

    Back in my day, i wasen't good enough to run droknars forge but ran Camp Rankor > Deldrimor War Camp instead, charging 300-500g per player and was able to purchase Elite Gladiator Armor after a month or two of running.

    Well the builds on their own compiled toghether make the team as there is not alot of variation possible in the sense of hero availability and excluding mercs for its purpose.

    The Builds posted before are assembled in any combination you like to the extend of whats available and to what works for you or not.

    You could choose for 3 SF eles with TAOF paragon, but also none of the before suggested.

    I dont think that people who only have NF will buy mercenaries before any of the other expansions so I will exclude that option in the making of a decent team.

    Likewise the purchase of Mercs will quickly result in a team based on gimmicks. (mesmer / necro staking).

    Id like to refrain from making this a ''who is first to make a meta'' sort of challenge because there are plenty of metas around undefyable (which requires All campaigns), and defeats the purpose of making a well balanced team for the regular NF players to do end game content and title hunting rather than doing it for yourself losing its integrity.

    The sole point of this thread is to make something work with the limited resources NF has available for the normal NF only player that requires (due hero limitation) them to have a balanced team for VQ / Guardian / Cartho / LB / SS / UW / FoW / DoA.

    They'll never become metas, aslong they will work excellent for the said niche part of the player base for its purpose and the players goals mentioned above.

    The monk attribute line being the only sole healing tree without secondairy conditions required knocks ritualist healing off the table in NF.

    However that also comes with heavy Energy use and they dont excel in its management.

    Suggestion would be 2x N/Mo, 2x Ele, 1x Mes, 1x BiP para, a Barrage Ranger, VoS/Dwayna Dervish or hybrid Smite monk.