Full mesmer team

  • So I made a new Mesmer and plan on maxing all PvE titles on it. To add to the fun I was thinking of a 8/8 mesmer team. I came up with the following hero builds for a general play-through. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips, tricks, insights or any advice at all to maybe improve the setup. Also suggested builds for 4/4 mesmer teams and 6/6 mesmer teams would be great!


    I was thinking about bar 4's elite and thought that it could vary between Air of Disenchantment, Ineptitude and Shared Burden?

    I'm new to the 8/8 same profession teams so be gentle ;).


  • It's been a while since I made any builds. But I'd start with the 4/4 mesmer at full offense/shutdown, then swap in just as many selfheals as needed. Then go for 8/8 by adding 4 full offense/shutdown mesmers.

    I'd probably put Technobabble on the player mesmer and call it on enemy healer. AoE daze followed by massive offense.

    Psychic Instability on a Dazed healer sounds very tempting, assuming that the PI will trigger before Dazed (I have no idea). Otherwise it would be a foolproof way of Dazing, massive KD since healer would want to.. heal.

    Edit: Tested to bring nothing but Technobabble and Psychic Instability. Used TB on Master of Healing, which was KD by PI for 5 seconds. I think that combo could be abused easily. 5 seconds is a long time to do serious AoE for fast casting mesmers. Sadly that won't work well with skills that rely on active skill usage.

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  • I've thought about doing something with Winter/Great Conflagration and then using Mantras of Frost/Flame for energy management and damage reduction, but I'm not sure how effective it would be, plus the possible reduced damage from putting attributes into inspiration. Side note, where did you make those templates at?

  • I think your lack of prot-stuff might bite you. the ward against melee is cool, and obviously 2x PI+Panic is going to be incredible, but despite being 8 mesmers your team might not have enough shutdown to reliably avoid getting nuked by casters. I'm imagining places like Slaver's Exile where the enemies will be pressuring you back.

    Most solo profession comps can handle having a character carry prot monk abilities(or st in the case of all-rit teams), but this is kind of impractical on mesmer due to energy management issues. I think all content in GW can probably be done by an all-mesmer team, but you might have to get creative with that elite-less mesmer sometimes and totally change it up.

    Also, you probably want more than one spirit to again help with not getting nuked and then falling apart. You're completely and totally relying on shutting down big hits before they happen, and i think preparing a little better for things to go wrong is likely wise. Mesmers do not have the energy management of eles and necros, and even with WNWN and inspiration rupts on every bar I think you'll likely encounter some energy pressure and general survivability pressure quite often.

    Just my 2c. I run 5 mesmers, sometimes 6, but i've never tried using mesmers as the healers. I'm sure your team will be a blast. :)

  • Id suggest giving the healers both Energy Drain as Elite, and removing both Pdrain and Hex Eater for Phantom Pain or Energy Tap.

    10 fc, 11 resto, 10 inspri +1+3.

    Should give them plenty of Energy management.

    Id also remove Ward for maybe Aegis.

    11 illu, 9 prot, 9 insp, 8-9 FC.

    For the rest looks quite nice should definetly be fun in NM!

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