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    Few items up for grabs, not in a hurry to sell the Zodiac so lets see where it goes.

    Please don't pm me offers, if your interested please just bid here. Buyouts will be listed in due course.

    Thanks for your time.



    Current offers

    1./ Removed from sale, sorry.

    2./ SOLD privately for B/O B/O 1000a

    3./ ?

    4./ ?

    5./ ?

    6./ ?

    7./ ?

    Looks like the Zodiac will be going to a new home in the future.

    Why do y'all hate on each other so much(some more than others)? We all love this game, so why can y'all just be happy for the people who keep the community alive? You are all such similar people, with a similar passion for Guildwars so why create unnecessary drama? Just enjoy the game, keep the community alive & stop judging people. If you don't like what someone posts, just move on with your life. There is no need to pass your judgement on to others. There are no set rules laid out by the admin team on Museum posting, so why should a few people decide to make some now & who made them admin? Coming back & seeing pointless threads like this just make me sad......

    In the lest few weeks a few people have asked me why I was selling all my collections. The simple answer is this: As I am mostly all but inactive, I did not want all these wonderful treasures from the past to be sitting locked away from the current active community. They should be enjoyed by returning players, & players that are new to the collecting scene.

    I did however, keep the most sentimental items for myself as the memories associated to these items are what I value the most. I wanted to share a small look at just a few of these sentimental items that I have chosen to keep forever, so the community can remember them too. My biggest & proudest collection to date though is not items from Guildwars, but the players themselves. I have made so very many friends within this community, & we have all grown so much in the many, many years that we have played. I will be forever grateful for the truly wonderful people that I have met along the way of my Guildwars journey.

    This one is a blast from the past, taken just before I was able to talk Aris into allowing my to buy the Q9 -2/-2 Magmas shield(only took 2-3 years :D ) & completing the full set of dual reduction Magmas for the first time in GW history. All of these were released back into the community & I am happy to see that the dual reduction set is still complete and with other of it's kind thanks to the gentleman gamer MaxBorken.

    Emma wow, never thought i'd see it here. It's like seeing an old friend again.

    That shield took me several years to sell off, due to the fact i acquired it in a shameful and most dishonourable way possible back when i was a kid. I never wanted to sell it off for profit for a long time till one of the traders convinced me, cant remember his name. Brave something..

    Emma, Brave Kubana had it & gave it to me for free when I first started out collecting Magmas shields. He was my guiding light in the beginning. My most memorable GW achievement will always be assembling all those dual reduction Magmas together into one collection for the 1st time. The hardest one to get was Aris's one as he had a sentimental bond. It took me years to convince him to finally sell me the last missing piece. I could not be more happy to see the set has stayed complete & is with Max. :D

    I look forward to seeing them again Emma, I do miss that set! Sorry I was not on for long, i'll try to pop in & visit more often when RL slows down.

    Also, here is the OG Magmas collection (only missing the Q9 dual red as image was taken before I managed to obtain it from Aris) obtained & collected my myself, not a collective group.


    Respect to the PhD peeps for their collective collection of Magmas too! Keep the faith collectors!

    Just no.

    Heavy bidders won’t want it - it’s not perfect enough. Sure, it’s old and pre-nerf (haven’t dropped 8/16 in that skin since 2006). But the mods aren’t particularly desired, and the 2 off max virtually kills it.

    It’s a fashionable skin these days, but I doubt it’ll go over 40a. In my opinion it isn’t special enough to spark a major bid war, although there will be some interest from the “oh my god a 8/16 Magmas, I simply MUST have it darling” crew.

    It simply isn’t special enough to go high.

    Yup, I agree 100% with this statement.

    That is such a toxic post People post here because it's a passion, not for Epeen. Why you post is different maybe, but who am I to judge? None here wants "likes" or needs attention, they just have a passion & want to share it with other like minded people who share the same passion.

    .... while I crazy under pay noobs ingame for items.....pathetic.

    This makes literally no sense.

    @Pleikki Sick items, loved the story and good all round GW feels. BUT that is not a collection its a weapon set. Max started a wep set thread very recently, it belongs there.

    Who the kitten are you to tell people what they can & can't post here? I didn't see a list of "rules" in the OP so if you don't like someones post , scroll past it & move on with your life. Whats you contribution to the thread with your post, a collection of criticism? It is a small "part" of a much bigger collection so yes it belongs in this thread. Having a passion for Guildwars & adding to an expanding collection is something we all enjoy, so please don't diminish it by posting rubbish comments like this.

    It belonged back with you. You are an inspiration, a dear friend, a knowledgeable teacher, and an asset to the Guildwars community. It is an honour to be in [ァアァ] along side you & other good friends. Brave taught me the joy that donating things to the right people can bring, so you can thank him one day if he ever returns. :)

    I don't think I have shared this set on the new forum, so enjoy.





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    Can we close this thread please as the conversational topic has moved away from "About the crystalline q8 15^stance of Sawn" and moved on to something more aggressive. By all means start a new conversation about....whatever is is y'all are actually discussing, but it's definitely off topic now and as such serves no purpose to this thread..

    TinyPic is shutting down in 2019

    TinyPic is shutting down its image hosting service because we can no longer support a free service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site ad revenues.
    While you may continue to host images from our site until further notice, we encourage you to consider selecting one of the premium plans offered by our sister site, Photobucket.
    Thanks for using TinyPic for your hosting needs over the years. We apologize that we can no longer continue providing this service, but Photobucket is a great option going forward.

    Sad times, I have used this site for ever as my goto site for image sharing. I wonder how many more collection pics will be lost forever once they close. :(

    This weekend has been a little special, as it feels like a family reunion. Two brothers have been united.

    Thank you so much for making this happen and your generosity Bradols, Hrwakka and Kabong. Definitely one of the major center pieces of my collection now that the second one is sitting next to the first one I had.

    The Two Brothers:


    Very nice Magmas, congratz. I thought Plekki had one just like it so there might be 3 of them.!