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    Personally i don't think that the priority right now is to make an update but more to ban the bots i'm not asking to ban all the bots but to make a small clean up for example in ha sometimes you have to wait 45minute to fetid because there are too many bot.

    Agreed. If Anet decides to do anything in this game, their first priority should be eliminating the bots and real money traders.

    I'm very impressed by this. How were you able to survive for so long? What kind of escape plan or preventative measures did you have for yourself in case of an emergency? Just the fact that you got Legendary Survivor like this is impressive. You should not retire the character and continue as Iron Gwamm, as there are still many challenges that will present themselves, maybe even try for 50/50 HoM as an Iron-player.

    I'm looking for items to use as placeholders in high end trades.

    I'm curious as to what you all consider as universally accepted items within a 250a-1000a price range.

    Please state the item and the price range that most people would value the item at when used in a trade.

    These should be items that most people would be willing to accept in a high end trade and not an extremely niche item.

    Price Check on the Echo please see attached image:




    Island Guardian

    Mad Kings Guard

    Longhair Yeti

    Greased Lightning

    Everlasting Reindeer Tonic

    Everlasting Henchman Tonic (from the henchmen skillbar contest)


    • Echo.jpg

    Of course everyone wants Arenanet's involvement, but it would definitely be better if we initially discussed all the issues as a community, since you are writing on its behalf.

    Our main mutual goal is to increase the number of active players, this should be quite obvious from the letter.

    In General, I really like your idea of writing a letter to the company, and I am grateful for your work, but let 's jointly tweak the letter itself a little;)

    Hey Ve_Zz, I really appreciate and value your input, and anyone else who has taken this letter into consideration.

    I did ask in a previous thread if there was any questions the community had for Arenanet.

    It is a pity to see that such a great idea has not found its implementation. In my opinion, the situation with isolation could greatly play into our hands. Can we try to reach a consensus and finish the job? Most of the work has already been done, we just need to make certain adjustments and then we can spread the information about collecting signatures on Reddit and in the game. I understand that everyone was left with a residue after difficult discussions of this issue. But we are all United by one common desire and we can easily formulate our appeal in such a way that everyone will be satisfied.

    The letter is not perfect, but I will not re-write the letter, as I'm sure many will take issue with the next re-write, and then the next re-write after that.

    Through this process, I realized that we do not have a main mutual goal - or perhaps the majority of the community does, but I just happen to be an outlier.

    I would encourage anyone else to give this a shot! I will not take offense if my letter is replaced by someone else's and receives more signatures.

    Thank you all, it's been fun!

    Thank you all for taking the time to read the letter.

    I realize that many of you do not want Arenanet's involvement; considering their involvement would at the very least require game moderation (i.e., confronting illegal game activity), and many of you openly support illegal game activity.

    Since that is the case then we are at an impasse as a community.

    For those of you who are concerned about the line "monthly subscription fee," if you'll read the context of that paragraph you'll see that the letter is in no way advocating a monthly subscription fee; rather it is requesting what kind of resources on the community's behalf it would take for Arenanet to support the game in any capacity.

    Nevertheless, that paragraph would still serve the same purpose if those three words were taken out so I'd be happy to do so.

    EDIT: It has now been removed from the letter.


    Hello all, the open letter petition to Anet is now live!

    Firstly, major props to Kevin for making the webpage for the letter. He took the time to set it up as it's own page, in a format that will allow people to sign the form.

    The intention of this letter is not a "wish list" or "want list" of pretty things or updates we'd like to see in the game; it is more of a request that Arenanet and it's developers play a more active role in Guild Wars and the Guild Wars community again. Baby steps, people - we don't want to bombard them with a smorgasbord of our wildest Guild Wars update dreams.

    To sign the petition, please register in the comment box and type "/signed." Please use the comment box on the petition only for signing or positive phrases regarding our love for Guild Wars and hope for future updates.

    If you'd like to talk about the letter, debate, have friendly conversation, express future hopes and dreams for the game, or what have you - please post in this thread.

    Thank you!