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    I am now the proud owner of the r8 15/stance Crystalline Sword. I was given a chance to preserve it within the guild whose very existence is dedicated to locating and preserving the very finest items. And it fits perfectly.

    I had to beg, borrow and borrow some more for this, but since two old friends from my speedclearing days returned to the game about six weeks ago, there has been a series of events which unfurled in front of me which I could hardly believe. They donated their entire combined wealth to me because they weren't interested in playing any more but were curious who was actually still playing. I was the only one left on their friends list who still logged in, and so we began reminiscing about the old days. When I said I was retired from trading but had my eye on this, they gave me everything they had left, and disappeared into the mists of time once more. I was still quite a long way short of the asking price.

    I now owe quite a lot to some other friends who agreed that this sword should be with its brothers and I have called in every favour I was owed, but I managed to borrow the rest and was able to make an offer which was accepted.

    So, I am absolutely blown away by the generosity of my two old friends who gave me 75% of the price of this sword , and humbled by the others who have lent me the rest. When I realised there was a chance I could do this, I didn't hesitate. In accordance with their wishes, my donors have remained anonymous, but they know who they are and if they're reading this, I can't begin to express how grateful I am.

    14^50 and 14^ench arent max mods and therefore the items are merch

    if they would have been max some collectors or other players who like the skin possibly would have paid a few ectos but not much (5-10e)

    celestial weapons q9-q13 are easy to farm for and there are a lot on the market

    That’s a bit of an over simplification. Non max mods doesn’t always mean merch. Broadly speaking you’re right, but there are quite a few exceptions to that, notably pre-nerf and r8.

    And there are collectors for non max items now too, so it’s always better to ask of you’re not sure.

    i also have 1 lying around somewhere, probably not as rare as you make it out to be.

    It’s probably worth qualifying that. It is one of the rarer r8 Inscribable skins out there. I’d say there are a hundred or so. I myself have owned six or seven over the years as they passed through my account. Not in the same league as gold r8 Darkwings or Enamelled, but certainly many times rarer than a Woden buckler or a tall shield in r8 Inscribable, of which there are likely tens of thousands.

    And it’s certainly not in the same field as the truly rare OS stuff. Nevertheless, it is one of the rarer gold r8 Inscribable skins, just as Pyro says.

    Right. First of all, welcome back.

    That dead bow is virtually priceless. It’s one of the rarest and most sought after of all the bow skins in r8. I think only two others are known to exist?

    Same goes for the r7 longsword. Only three others are known to exist.

    Do NOT sell these to private offers. I bet you’ve already had a few messages trying to snipe them cheap. And do NOT sell them in game. You’ll end up ripping yourself off spectacularly.

    These are all really nice items and will all go for a pile of armbraces. But the dead bow and the longsword can go 300-500 armbraces range just for their rarity and desireability.

    I moved this to discussion because it’s not really a price check.

    R8 bows with 15-28 damage haven’t dropped since 2006, and as such are Pre-Nerf. The wiki is correct, but doesn’t mention the way they used to drop in 2005.

    I've never really been one for sticks. I usually let my Labrador run around with any sticks I have as I'm more into sharp metal things I can slice a man in half with.

    So my Labrador got bored of playing with this Shadow Stick a couple of years ago, and I accidentally found it at the bottom of my Storage Chest this morning as I was trying to locate where I'd put my set of 10% (7-10%) sundering sword mods. Didn't find the sword mods, but this stick fell out when I turned the chest upside down and shook it, so I wondered if anyone would like to buy it.

    It's a Pre-Nerf r8 Blood Magic Shadow Stick, 10/9.

    So close.

    So accordingly, I'm taking offers on it. Let's see where it goes, starting bid of 1337 gold.


    C/O 10a.

    No reserve.


    Oh yes. I have owned several over the years. 8/16 tactics, Blue, purple and gold if memory serves.

    Hrwakka That’s a lot of perfect! Realising the potential in style there.

    Enchanted Krystal you always were and still are the King of Magmas. I love the history in that screenshot. And I remember how hard you worked to build that. I especially remember how hard you worked to assemble the complete set of dual reduction Magmas, and waiting patiently for Aris to part with the r9. Truly epic.

    There is a lot of behind the scenes sniping these days, all desperately trying to snag an item cheap before it goes to market.

    Some of those are very nice indeed, but as you already know, price checking is sometimes more about raising the awareness of an item’s existence and availability just as much as trying to ascertain a value.

    I wouldn’t sell to private offers or ingame, I’d list them for sale here and see where the bids go. Depending on demand, some of those could go high.

    You should check out just type in each of those items to get a rough idea of what they’re going for

    Just a small caveat to that....

    The chat log can be easily manipulated, so it’ll only give an approximate range. I’d dismiss the top selling prices, and dismiss the lower buying prices and aim for somewhere in the middle.