16 Years away. Unsure if I'll play but thought I'd say hi and ask some questions.

  • Hi all.

    The last time I played Guild Wars was in Beta of 2005.

    I returned in 2015 and ran into a random person who helped me understand I had tons of gifts waiting for me. Had a memorable time opening the gifts with this person, was a very unique experience.

    I returned again today, 6 years later and found the same person to open gifts again, lol. Not as special as the first time but still very fun.

    I'm curious about many aspects of the game my memory has long since forgotten, but I'd rather not get the information piece by piece but instead join a discord where I can ask questions in real time.

    Don't want to join a guild or anything, just hoping there is a discord of veteran players that don't mind sharing their knowledge.

    Thanks so much.


  • Yeah, there are some active people from back in the day. I remember a few from early GW days that I still see (like "Ct Pound").

    You might be sitting on some super valuable items if you're from that era. I can give you some idea of their worth if you want to chat. =)

    IGN: Stexe God