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    There are r7/16 armor shields. I just saw two of them. One was a dual defense and one was -2/+30 or something.

    Here is all explained, but the best way to calculate it with your customized character is in a 1 vs 1 with another player and changing weapons to see the differences. In my case I prefer +10 (vs. Damage Type) or -5/20%, I don't like the -2^Stance/Ench (personal opinion).

    Why do you like -5/20% vs -2(Stance/Enchantment)? The -2 is better assuming you can always keep your Stance/Enchantment up. Assuming you're using that modifier you'd most likely have a build that always has a Stance/Enchantment around.

    I have a Purple Mix that is made up of Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple. And it does look different than just Purple.


    why wants a b/o when in the end, the seller will crack up his head into a wall after all those pm's harass he must face.
    even someone b/o the second after it post, people will keep rising price for such museum collector item!

    Yeah, that's generally my thoughts. I had someone offer me 175a the second I posted this in private saying it would be a buyout offer and I probably wouldn't get more than 200a even if I waited. Well... we see what happened there.

    Not sure what I'm looking for. I've only ever seen 3 or 4 of these items ever, and 2 of them are definitely inactive now. Like I said before, I don't even know if I need armbands since I'd most likely just use them to buy something else similarly rare and powerful.

    Yea my main account is stacked like that. I actually have a total of 3 accounts with chimeric prism. I don't even remember why I wanted it so bad other than farming. Now a days it would be quite difficult to get it as I remember it was very uncommon even in 2007 or so.

    Shame you don't have an unused Chimeric Prism key. Would have traded you anything I have for it. :-P

    I actually was auditing my accounts earlier and noticed something awesome that I can't even remember how I did it regarding proph preorders. I realized one account I actually have dual proph preorder items lol.


    Awww. Chimeric Prism is the one item I always wanted but could never get... =(

    I have all the other USA preorder items. Apparently I have a lot of keys on my account.

    Nice. I was looking for anyone else who might have one, but only tons of people not even believing it is real or not realizing they had Blood req on theirs.

    I wonder how many are actually left... I'd be willing for active users it is probably rarer than Kanaxai since people knew that was always valuable and existed as opposed to a secretly changed item that is extremely old school.

    seeing my post was deleted I'll say it again just slightly more polite.

    Yes Horrible Liberals but it's running the country while Ruining it for others. get it right. 8)

    Look around the world. Look at the most successful countries in the world with the highest quality of life, highest happiness index rates, lowest corrupt rates, and so on. What do they all have in common? Strong liberal policies and strong social safety nets. Show me a successful conservative country. And don't say USA because it isn't one as much as you might want it to be. But again, off topic. :-P

    Okay, didn't think it was legit. The person went by "Holy Vith" and/or "Ghetto Healz" and was spreading a lot of misinformation it seems.

    Anyway, I posted the trading info over here if you're curious: [WTS] -50 Health Grim Cesta with "Req: HEALING"

    Hey, everyone,

    Was told to post here to see what people would offer. It is a "Grim Cesta" with -50 Health but has "Requires 5 Healing Prayers" instead of the normal "Blood Magic." They only dropped for a few months after launch before being changed to the ones you can find now.

    Not entirely sure I want to sell / trade it yet, but definitely curious what people would be willing to offer (both in arms / ecto / other rare items). :/

    Had a lot of people contact me making private offers and trying to "trick" me into selling it immediately, so figured I'd make this public for everyone who might be interested.

    As far as I know this is one of the last ones in existence. Haven't seen another in a long, long time. Would definitely be curious to see if someone else had one though! :)

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments or anything. Thanks!

    B/O: Unused "Chimeric Prism" Key

    - Stexe / In-game name: "Stexe God"


    The issue I'm running into is what's the point of selling it for currency if there's not much I'm really looking for in the game? I could sell it to get a lot of arms or stuff, but I'm not sure what I would then spend that on. For me, trading has always been a way to get more interesting, powerful, and rarer items. I'm unsure exactly what I'd want to sell or trade it for to advance on that path.

    Someone said if I post it on selling for an auction and I don't end up selling it I could get hit with a penalty? Is that true? The "Seller's Rights" seems to say otherwise, but just wondering.