Request deletion of your account.

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    Hello there, over the last few months I've gotten a few requests to delete accounts, and now it's time to fully write out the procedure for this.

    This contains a few steps, mainly because this is all manual work and we need to be certain that the owner of the account is requesting this, since we can not revert the deletion.

    Step 1: fill in deletion form

    Go to Request account deletion and create a new post here. Only our moderators (and you) can see your post here.

    This is a special form that requests certain information.

    Please fill this form and proceed to step 2.

    Step 2: confirmation by mail

    We'll then need you to send an e-mail to from your account e-mail, so we can verify that you own the account mail (since this is a permanent request, this is the verification we need).

    Once we receive the e-mail, we'll try to delete your account within 72 hours.

    If we do not receive the e-mail, we will be unable to process your deletion request, so please send it asap. Please mention the URL to your deletion form, that makes it easier for us.

    Keep in mind that this is a hobby project and due to this, it can take longer.


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