Foundry of Failed Snakes [Fail] is recruiting active DoA players!

  • Hey guys,
    Fail is an international DoA-SC guild with currently ~70 members. We aim to provide a platform for experienced DoA-Players as well as those who are new to DoA. We learn from each other and try to continously improve the average time of our runs!


    • Domain of Anguish
    • Underworld
    • Fow
    • Occasional Urgoz
    • Occasional Dungeons

    Most guild activties take place in the evening hours (Central European Time).

    Runs & Tactics
    We are not focused on records, but aim for fun and good times.

    Teaching runs are formed almost everyday. Faster runs with more experienced members are also formed consistently. We run Golt-Tactics.

    Joining & Requirements
    At the moment we are on the lookout for new members, regardless of how experienced you are in DoA.

    However, there are some things which we expect:

    • Activity
    • A positive attitude
    • A will to invest time in learning and continuous improvement
    • At least a Mesmer with proper Mesmer Equipment and Pcons
    • English speaking
    • Teamspeak (including a working microphone)
    • Discord

    Less experienced players are strongly encouraged to read DoA Spiking Guide, as well as the pages for the different Mesmer roles (Mlk, TK, Iau) before the first run.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game.


    • Deborah Fireseeker


    • Mara Of Extinction
    • The Stepmother
    • Aria Of Nature
    • Exitus Korma
    • O Lid Sin O

    We recently also started streaming a couple of our runs. If you are curious, just follow me on Twitch:

    See you soon!

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