A request(?) for 3d modeling/ripping characters for 3d printing

  • Hello all,

    I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask, but I figured I would try.

    For a while now I've had this idea in my mind to find a way to preserve some of the in-game characters in a way that would bring them to the real world. While the servers are being kept up and running for the foreseeable future, I am still interested in finding something more permanent, and also see it as a nice bonus to have something physical from a game I've loved for the past 202 months (thanks, /age).

    The idea I had was to craft a tool to rip character models out of the game, including personal characters with armor and weapons, access to animations and picking a frame to pose them. Then, converting them to conventional 3D files for further detailing and finally exporting to STL for a 3D print job.

    What I know is that GW uses a lot of image/texture based opacity, which might not translate well to 3D models.

    I myself have no experience with modeling aside from a little 3d sculpting, which I could use to touch up details or add detail where GW merely textures. I am therefore wondering whether there are people here who have experience, interest, or things to share regarding this idea. I'd be interested up to the point of paying for contract work for the effort required, preferably to build this tool for the community, but if needs be, for a set of models for myself (if it requires a ton of manual work).

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