prophecies pve warrior solo build

  • yes i am looking for a solo PvE Warrior build that works well with henchmen hirelings. written guides please and thanks. i have all but EOTN expansion if that helps!

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    Most builds you find should work fine. The main build repository is GWPvX wiki, which is not perfect but a good resource. Maybe you might have to substitute one skill for another but all the core stuff that forms the foundation of a build will be available.

    Where are you up to? If you're just starting out you're better off learning what makes a good build and putting something together with what you have rather than trying to match a build that might have skills you won't see for a long time or will take a lot of effort to get. Some builds may also not be effective unless you've got all your attribute points or certain bits of gear, which might make them poor choices if you're still levelling. Also, learning how to actually be good at your role, like with pulling, is pivotal to your performance - you're not going to automatically win just because you've got a good set of skills on your bar.

    Assuming you're still in the early stages keep it simple: something like 3-4 attack skills, something to boost your attack speed, some kind of party support (eg Watch Yourself), and a couple of offensive utility skills (eg For Great Justice). It'll be easier to give more solid advice if you give us more info

    Also, for the record, solo means literally solo, even without ai companions.