Forgot my character name, can't log in

  • Hello, I'm new here since I recently bought GW. I have a problem like it says in the title:
    I made a test character to try the game but noticed some graphical glitches. Since my game crashed while it was still downloading I thought it was some data corrupted, so I reinstalled a game and let it fully download with "-image" parameter. But when it finished, I realized I don't know the full name of my character - I can only vaguely remember some letters in the name. Now I can't log in. What can I do about it? Support button in-game sends me to GW2 support. I see nothing about my situation there. Should I post a ticket there, or is there another place for it? I've seen advice saying to look for screenshots, but unfortunately, I made none.

    I'm thankful in advance for any help you can give me.

  • Did you join a guild? perhaps contacting one of your guild mates might jog your memory.

    Support will take you to the gw2 site, there is no gw site, you have to do it through gw2. If you have your information handy (email addy, cc you used to purchase the game, birthday you used, etc) they should be able to help you get back into your account.

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  • Yeah, I just purchased the game and have all that info, but I haven't joined the guild yet, so I have nobody to contact about my name.. I submitted a ticket at GW2 support and gave them as much info as I could. How long do you think until I hear back from them? I don't have much time to play, but this week I have more than usual, so I thought I could learn the ropes.

  • I can not say how long it will take---their 'support' is. well, lets just say in the past they really didnt care about gw and let support tickets for it slide (to the tune of months), that said, I havent used their site in ages (I can no longer log in) so I dont know if the 'new support' people are any good---last time I was on the site they had just hired a bunch of new people (that was over a year, or two? ago).
    If I remember correctly there was a thread about tickets that had not been handled in 7 days (sometimes it was 3) so if you dont hear back from them by then, post in that thread.
    Perhaps someone else has used them more recently than I and can more accurately give you an estimate.

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  • Sorry for double post, but I just managed to log in. I basically tried and tried numerous names I thought were right until I eventually got it. Thanks for your help. Does this forum have an option to mark the thread as solved or something similar?