Create Builds on Mobile Phone

  • Hello fellow Guild Wars enthusiasts!

    I posted this in the Guild Wars Reddit exactly one month ago. However - assuming that not everyone who enjoys Guild Wars is also a Reddit user - some of you might not have seen it. So I thought it might help the community if i post it here as well (I edited this post slightly since the tool has evolved since the original Reddit post):

    A friend and me started playing GW again roughly a year ago. Soon enough, I felt the urge to create builds outside of the game on my mobile phone... And was kind of surprised that I could not really find a satisfying solution to simply create builds on mobile on the go - so, every now and then, I was thinking "why not just create it on my own?". The main problem was that the skill database is huge, and there was no way to manually type 1300+ skills into a database. Fellow Redditor u/xBlankk, who had a similar idea a couple of years ago, then pointed me to a skill database online, and from there the idea kind of got stuck in my head...

    So here we are today, and I can (somewhat proudly) present to you the first version of my online GW Build Creator:

    Now, please keep in mind that I put this thing together alone, it is essentially a one man show, and I am not a professional programmer, so you will encounter bugs which I and my buddy u/BULALA_ did not discover by now. However, I do think it is good enough for a "release".

    What can you do with it?

    • choose primary and secondary profession and browse the corresponding skills
    • assign attribute points, runes and a head-piece (the rank-changes are reflected in the skill descriptions)
    • edit your character level, also select if you finished one or both attribute quests
    • put skills in the skill bar (well, that was the whole point huh ;) )
    • reorganize and/or remove the skills in the skill bar
    • load builds from existing buildcodes
    • generate buildcodes to load and use the build in the game
    • search the skills by keywords
    • filter skills by campaign and title track skills, it also has a pre-searing skills filter option
    • display build statistics
    • install the tool as a web app on your mobile device

    What can't you do with it?

    • You cannot save builds on the website (might add this later if demand is here)
    • You cannot search for builds (as no builds are saved on the website)
    • You cannot create illegal builds, such as mixing luxon and kurzick skills, insert more than one elite, or insert more than three pve-only skills (if you can, it's a bug -> please report it)

    How to use it?

    Simply open the link and it should work. No login, no account or anything else is needed. Your device just needs an internet connection and must run javascript. I tried to mimic the build creation from the game as close as possible, so I just assume you will figure out how it works. Only note: no drag and drop like in the game, just click and click again. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, or send me a message (same goes for reporting bugs). You can also add me and/or my buddy ingame, and we can have a chat there, my ingame name is Elena Keen, my friends is Nekra Dakra.

    And, uuhm, yeah, that's about it! Hope it closes a gap for your GW desires as it does for me and my friend, and if not, well then, i still wish "good game" to you and everyone!

    TL/DR: Want to create builds while on the go? Try this tool i fiddled together:

    :mo:Elena Keen