Pre-Searing GvG Tournament

  • Hello everyone,

    I was thinking about a GvG Scrimmage tournament where the only skills allowed are those available in Pre-searing Ascalon.

    Originally designed to be a funny evening with friends, l think that it could be fun to actually play a tournament that way.

    So, here are the rules :

    -The only available skills are those available to players in Pre-searing (more details on the wiki page).…alon_(pre-Searing)_skills

    -The only armor or weapon authorized are the starter ones

    -The only pets authorized are the Melandru Stalker (kidding, you can have the Pre-searing bear too :) )

    -Battles are in a 4v4 format, like in the last mission before searing.

    -Last but not least, the guild hall will be Wizard's Isle, obviously.

    If you want to participate to this contest, the only thing you have to do is to create a new Prophecie character and bring it to level 20 (in pre, if you are a true veteran) while keeping all your starter stuff, so you are ready to join the most Pre-Searing friendly event ever.

    The reward for the winning teams will be in zkeys :

    1st place : 200zkeys + 5 black dye for each team member.

    2nd place : 100zkeys for each team member.

    3rd place : 50zkeys for each team member.

    Well , l will try to see how many Rurik/charr chaman/ Adelbern pets l can get to eventually add those to the rewards.

    If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to post your ideas below.

  • Sounds awesome!

    Just a few things:
    There's an armor upgrade available in Pre-Searing. Would players be able to use that?

    Some additional pets are available in Pre-Searing, as well. They include warthogs, striders, and wolves.

    IGN: I Shall Defend


  • Well,

    l guess we should vote for what people think is the most interesting part of the contest :

    Option 1 : the tournament is about upping a pre character and doing a pvp contest at the end of the journey :

    -Wathogs, striders, wolves, the collector armor and weapons offered at the end of a quest should be authorized (or maybe all item dropped in pre, but it needs some experts and it could unbalance the tournament).

    -To keep it eden style, the 2 quests for the 30 missing attributes points should be forbidden as you can't have those in pre.

    Option 2 : the tournament is mainly about fighting with the pre-searing skill pool and so PvP char and weapons should be authorized, but with restrictions in the mods, runes and insignia players can use.

    We should vote to know which option payers prefers, feel free to choose the one that you want.

    PS: as the zaishen title can be displayed at tier 3 on the HoM, l will double all rewards for the winning team, so it offers a way for people who don't have it yet to get it in a funny way :)

    Edit : I did double rewards so the winning team get r3

  • Option 1 sounds good!

    I vote for all items droppable in pre to be authorized! This could include items actually dropped in post, but with stat ranges within the pre limits. Players could post pictures of their gear to verify its acceptability. I can assist in such verification.

    IGN: I Shall Defend


  • OK, l agree that all weapon with pre like stats should be authorized, l will also duplicate this post in the PreSearing forum linked up on the main page of gw legacy, so their people can actually join and form up their team from there too :D