Announcing the winners of the Wintersday Contest!

  • Hello everybody,

    We've been thinking and pondering (and I fell ill), but here are the results of our Wintersday Contest:

    1. Black Beast and Zippy's Bowling Journey -> Skill Pins/badge set
    2. New Raid Boss - General Knoxx -or- Weirdest Rush Hour I Have Ever Been In... -> Miniature Grawl
    3. /!\ Ooze invasion /!\ -> Miniature Grawl.

    We'll be contacting the winners as soon as possible to hand out the prizes - trophies will be given out as soon as possible (this is done automaticly).

    I do however have to note that some entries were disqualified due to them being Photoshopped (which goes against the rules of this contest).

    Due to this, and the fact that we didn't have that many submissions, we lovered the amount of prizes that we're giving away - we've opted to start running more smaller contests on a near-monthly basis instead of organizing 1 big contest a year.

    Well done all,

    A very sick Kevin.

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

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