Langlars give-away

  • Hey all,

    Since I realized I have too many things I want to start giving some stuff away:

    Undedicated minipets:


    - Prince Rurik (2x)


    - Mox (1x)

    Dedicated minipets:


    - Jungle troll (1x)

    - Necrid Horseman (2x)

    - Siege Turtle (1x)

    - Temple Guardian (1x)

    - Fire Imp (2x)

    - Heket Warrior (1x)

    - Juggernaut (2x)

    - Harpy Ranger (1x)

    - Thorn Wolf (1x)

    - Wind Rider (1x)

    - Abyssal (1x)

    - Forest Minotaur (1x)

    - Irukandji (1x)

    - Mursaat (1x)

    - Roaring Ether (1x)

    - Desert Griffon (2x)

    - Kveldulf (1x)

    - Terrorweb Dryder (2x)

    - Cobalt Scabara (1x)

    - Scourge Manta (1x)

    - Shard Wolf (1x)


    - Burning Titan (1x)

    - Charr Shaman (2x)

    - Elf (1x)

    - Koss (1x)

    - Ooze (1x)

    - Jora (1x)

    - Nian (1x)

    - Candysmith Marley (1x)

    - Oola (1x)


    - Prince Rurik (2x)

    - Lich (1x)

    - Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh (1x)

    - Zhu Hanuku (1x)

    - Celestial Rat (1x)

    - Celestial Pig (1x)


    60 Red Gift Bags (will give away 2x30 to 2 people)

    30 Trick or Treat bags

    13 Sparklers

    10 Shamrock Ale

    5 Blessings of War (1 each)

    For the minipets: I would appreciate it if people who do not need undedicated minipets to leave them for the people who still want to complete their HoMs.

    I'll edit this thread whenever I have more to give away.

    I will try and be online whenever I can. Please leave your IGN here along with what you would like to receive. First come first serve!

    - Louise

    ign. Leila Of Langlar

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