Langlars give-away

  • Hey all,

    Since I realized I have too many things I want to start giving some stuff away:

    Undedicated minipets:


    - Prince Rurik

    Dedicated minipets:


    - Jungle troll (1x)

    - Necrid Horseman (2x)

    - Siege Turtle (1x)

    - Temple Guardian (1x)

    - Fire Imp (2x)

    - Heket Warrior (1x)

    - Juggernaut (2x)

    - Harpy Ranger (1x)

    - Thorn Wolf (1x)

    - Wind Rider (1x)

    - Abyssal (1x)

    - Forest Minotaur (1x)

    - Irukandji (1x)

    - Mursaat (1x)

    - Roaring Ether (1x)

    - Desert Griffon (2x)

    - Kveldulf (1x)

    - Terrorweb Dryder (2x)

    - Cobalt Scabara (1x)

    - Scourge Manta (1x)

    - Shard Wolf (1x)


    - Burning Titan (1x)

    - Charr Shaman (2x)

    - Elf (1x)

    - Koss (1x)

    - Ooze (1x)

    - Jora (1x)

    - Nian (1x)

    - Candysmith Marley (1x)

    - Oola (1x)


    - Prince Rurik (2x)

    - Lich (1x)

    - Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh (1x)

    - Zhu Hanuku (1x)

    - Celestial Rat (1x)

    - Celestial Pig (1x)


    60 Red Gift Bags (will give away 2x30 to 2 people)

    30 Trick or Treat bags

    13 Sparklers

    10 Shamrock Ale

    5 Blessings of War (1 each)

    I'll edit this thread whenever I have more to give away.

    I will try and be online whenever I can. Please leave your IGN here along with what you would like to receive. First come first serve!

    - Louise

    ign. Leila Of Langlar

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  • Hey The wolf Auuu and Tad Strange,

    Ill try and be on tomorrow (sunday 6th) in the afternoon/evening (european time zone) to give you the things you would like. If you can't be online then we can arrange another time. I'm not too active at the moment, but Ill try and catch you both!

    - Louise