• Hello All,

    You need a area vanquished but either too lazy or you hate the area? Well then i am the person for you.

    Currently only Vanquishing Nightfall, Eye of the north, Factions areas.

    Please pm me or Add me in game O Yuuki

  • I need some Nightfall area's VQ'd.

    ign: K E E F

    edit: I prepaid 5 arms for 6 area's, woke up and they were done. I paid another 5 arms for 8? area's? and he's still doing them.

    great service. I also have more Prophecies area's if you want to check my list in the service request board.


  • Thanks for the great feedback mate, had computer / internet issues for the last few areas. If you can reply here or message me ingame so i can get them done mate.