• UhOh I Forgot [ConS]

    We are building up a new Sc based ally (kurzick) , mostly dungeons and fow.

    What do we want: Scs!

    When do we want them: Now!

    How can you do Scs? Join ConS ally!

    Well, all memes aside, people with interest in Speedclearing and some common sense are welcome to join our ally. We are willing to teach, mostly a friendly (aren't we all assholes sometimes?) community and we do sc (dungeons, fow , sometimes urgoz) in the evenings {europe time based).

    We would like to keep a nonretarded allychat, kty.

    Stfu that is in our ally, recruits btw, watch Cains streams http://www.twitch.tv/caincravings. We are not going for super big alliance, small and active guilds are fine with us. If you need validation in a dead game, you prob shouldn't join us.

    Currently guilds are : ConS, StfU, hS, HaxX, RiP

    Pros to join our ally? We know what we do.

    ConS to join our ally? We forgot them.

    If you are interested pm ingame: I Herr Bommel I :cookie:

    Officers :

    Always Russia

    Vaki Mortis

    Leia The Guardian

    Lara Nightray

    Jeo Longbow

    Soo Vlox Ae

    and some more, but these are likely to invite you ;)