• [T计an]

    [T计an] is currently recruiting, not a massive amount, but if you're interested feel free to talk to myself or any of the members.

    We're looking for a grade A personality, there's no skill or activity requirements of any sort, we're simply looking for new or old

    members to hang out and hunt with.

    We're currently part of an alliance with [MaG], [UBER], [TYTN], [SRX], [CC], [Pre:)] and some others, it's a fantastic, active pre-searing

    based alliance!

    our only rules are to mind your table manners and set high goals for yourself and the guild!

    We're primarily a Pre-searing based guild however

    our short term goals are:

    -Acquire a silver trimmed cape Achieved!

    -Become a positive driving force behind the Pre-Searing community

    -Discover new ways of having fun ingame

    -Make ourselves, and our allies a solid team that can accomplish any task

    -Discover, and support our pre-searing economy

    That's it. We're not looking for trolls, scammers or radical power traders,

    but if you feel like you're a good fit and want to give pre-searing a try with some friends; give us a shout!

    - Thanks!

    our Pre-searing thread:


    Find me ingame at "I Lord Arrow I"