Dual Reduction Shield Prices?


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    Just curious how much gold str dual reduction shields go for... I'm think about saving up for one.

    Thank you!

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  • id say they start at 20-30a? depending on skin, req and mods it can go much higher ... but first u will have to find some1 willing to sell such a shield hehe


    ign: Katze Kami

  • yeah eternals are most common stre reqs ive seen (suprisingly defender/tower seems quite rare) around year ago few q9 dual red eternals sold ~20a each and there been q8 ones sold 50-100a each over the past year (last was 50a for q8 -2st/-2e like 4-5month ago i belive)

    If u find other skins its hard to say, defender/shadow are the next more common ones, others such as magma would go for tons

    But! ive seen tactic reqs go for crazy money even high reqs common skins such as q11 sell like 30a its possible they will go alot higher now

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