Some weapons nobody can estimate in my guild unfortunately

  • Hello everyone, this is my first post. Some people of my guild told me that I should post on this website in order to have an estimation of the weapons I have because they are quite untypical.

    Thus, I would appreciate if you can help me in order to estimate those weapons :-)

    Here are the pictures of the weapons I have :













    And voilà :-)

    It is 4AM here, I should go get some sleep, good night everyone and thank you in advance :-) !

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    Waouw, thank you for your answers :-)

    Then they worth a lot, I don't even have 30 e on my account, I could become very rich by selling those, thank you !

    It was a wise choice to keep those weapons for ten years (I also have a Q8 15^50, 20/20, hp+30 gold hammer)

    I'll probably create an auction in the near future

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  • Those are all valuable. I can’t give you numbers because I’m out of the loop on current pricing these days. However I can tell you that the celestial sword has great collector value as it’s the only r7 max naked sword I have ever seen. I’m not aware of another.

    The market these days is extremely unpredictable, so exact pricing is virtually impossible. Your best bet is to list stem for sale here and see where the bids take you. Don’t sell to private messages or ingame as you’ll end up ripping yourself off spectacularly as lowballing is commonplace.


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  • Clean q7 is extreamly intresting! It's only 2nd clean gold q7 ive seen in close 4years and the another one never been for sale even so its hard to say what it would go for! ive allways seen decent intrest for cleans and q7 especailyl as said above is extreamly rare, skins nice too there are ppl wanting them, i would value it 25-40a+ but its 100% guess, only posting for sale and seeing the offers rly show what kind of offers it receive.

    15^50 spatha is 15-20a i belive, also guess there been some for sale here on the site last months but cant remember exacly or how much.

    Both flambergs id say 3-5a each

    Jade dags possibly ~10-15a

    FDS well. as u know custod aint worth shiz, IF it wasnt customized i guess it would be closer 50a mark thesedays being quite wanted skin

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