Legendary Defender of Ascalon guide?

  • What do you need to know? The generally best way would be:

    * Save as many quests as possible until level 16.

    * Level up to ~8 by repeating Charr At the Gates, or perhaps by killing bandits.

    * Level 8-10 is harder, easiest is to charr hunting with someone at a higher level.

    * At level 10, do Vanguard Quests until the Father Hamnet quest.

    * Take Father Hamnet quest and repeatedly kill the two bandits outside Foible's Fair.

    * At lvl 16, accept as many quest rewards as possible as this is the hardest level to gain xp at.

    * Once at 17, it's a quite smooth sail towards lvl 20.

    * Consider staying at lvl 19 for a bit so you can use a vastly OP fire imp to farm charrs with.

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  • Yes, goid luck!

    The method listed above is fairly quick (did it in 17 ingame hours). It's however painfully mind numbing to keep killing the two bandits over and over. My solution?

    Load up on a TV series you can binge watch at the same time, keeps you sane :D

  • Yeah, I keep doing side things while grinding - brought me to the point where I accidentally accepted "Charr at the gate" quest at level 7 - some suggestion how to replace this grind? :/

  • At level 7 there's not much more than grind until 10. But you could start joining in on Charr runs. Just tag along for xp, pew pew with a bow and don't let Charr Hunters chase you around.