Night of 50,000 Ectos: 1v1 tournament sign-up

  • 1v1 Tournament: This year the 1v1 tournament will have an added twist. Each side of the bracket will have a chance to win. There will be Callme Monk X’s side and Péter Kádár’s side. You must choose which side you want to represent. If your side wins the finals then every person on that half of the bracket wins a prize! Grand Prize TBA (minimum of 1,000e value)

    1v1 Finals will be held on the same day at the event, June 16th but will start earlier at 10am EST for the first round. Leave your IGN here as a comment or pm me on in-game or here. Don't forget to submit ALL builds in advanced (Any format you want, but I prefer screen shots or codes.)

    Rules for the 1v1 Tournament:

    All build MUST be submitted in advanced, before the first round of the bracket. This means you will need a minimum of 4-5 different professions   all with pre-made builds. There will be no counter-building based on who you are facing this year.

    If a winner is not decided within 10 minutes then it will to stopped (no matter how close) and both will play again with only two defensive             skills on their skill bar.

    If there is a dispute on what a defensive skill is, a group of three independent people will decide and have final say on the skill.       

    Battles will happen in the area in the north-west area of the map. See image below:

    Players will enter from their starting area NOT from the center.

    Players will not go up the center stairs in the area.

    There will be no countdown, fighting starts as soon as you see the other person. (Let me get there first please)

    Running away from the fight just to force a stalemate is a disqualification. Same goes for abusing terrain. We are here to see two people play build wars, not who knows the map the best.

    Solely defensive build to force a stale mate are grounds for disqualification, your build must contain kill potential.

    Prizes will be distributed based on which team wins, so chose a side and have fun!

    First Round (June 16th at 10am EST) Best of 1:

    No profession/weapon stipulations/restrictions.

    Second Round - Semi-Final - (June 16th after Round 1) Best of 3: You may not play the same profession as round 1. You will need 3 different professions for Round 2.

    Third Round - Finals - (June 16th after Round 2) Best of 5: All professions allowed and repeats are allowed up to twice (same profession twice). You may use a new build for the professions used in previous rounds, but all build must be submitted in advanced and be clearly named.

    We will be watching for bots (interrupt bots and skill cancel bots). If you are caught you will automatically be disqualified.

    Example for tournament professions:

    Round 1: Elemental

    Round 2: Mesmer, Ranger, Dervish

    Round 3: Ranger, Dervish, Elemental, Dervish, Mesmer

    All build must be submitted before the first round starts.


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