Non-Max Mods

  • Don't remind me I got outbided on this :(

    Well, i'ts just a nice way to custom some items.

    For example : req 11 crysta , damage + 11% , vamp mod 1/-1 ( prenerf vamp is sexier than real mod right?). Add the +1^11% and you get quite a nice sword. Clearly useless , but damn sexy :D

    Imagine even that sword, with 111 gold merch value ....

    That being said, I'm really curious to know on which item did ET used the mod

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

  • Im positively sure its for hes q8 11ench purple crysta ;)

    But anyway, yeah nonmax mods are hard to predict what are wanted, generlly 1/11-13% can be wanted but you never know, also 1/10 and 10% ench etc 10vs creatures can be cool, or 11-13%'s if someone looking for their weapons ;)

    Like example i would pay 250e easy for 12 vs giants Hammer mod, ive searched over 3 years for such mods, only found 11 and 13%s ;(

    as its cool way to mod weapons, like jack said and i personally seek that mod for q12 12ench 20/12 giant slayer hammer which id want to have 12vs giants too ;)

  • Is giant slayer hammer still droppable from those toundra giants?

    I need one and might go farm for it ....

  • There should be somewhere a page/list of the unusual mods/items people need (item + IGN). People like me would then once a while check it and came back if they stumble upon something. The amount of possibly needed items I have merched in my gw activity... It could be something like a shared WTB page or something, maybe dedicated forum entry updated when someone comments? Any ideas? If I have not seen this thread I would have never guessed that giantslayer mod for hammer could be interesting and since I spent quite some time in Snake Dance, there is a chance I may encounter it by chance..